Enhance Your Installation, Performance and Uptime

Link Manufacturing’s family of self-steer auxiliary suspensions enhances the installation, performance and uptime of work trucks and heavy-duty vocational vehicles. Featuring Swift Mount Technology, Link’s self-steer auxiliary suspensions use patented interchangeable ride height brackets and integrated air kits to reduce installation time by 50-70%. Four sets of interchangeable brackets can be used to mount any current self-steer Link auxiliary suspension. Our Self-Steer lift axle is available in 8K, 10K, 13.5K (drum or disc brake option), and 20K capacities.

Swift Mount and Suspension Performance

To provide even greater ease of installation, the “stepped-edge” design helps the installer center the suspension on the frame, greatly reducing the time to achieve true alignment. The optional fender bracket attachments eliminate the need to remove the hub during installation.

The new 8K and 10K auxiliary suspensions incorporate heavy duty bearings and are engineered using proprietary brakes and drums. The 13.5K suspension is available with optional drum or disc brakes. Our new cast trailing arms provide increased durability while simplifying the suspension’s lifting geometry. A compact mounting envelope, combined with an optional integrated air control system, also saves valuable frame rail space.


Engineered to Link’s exacting standards for reliability and durability, all self-steer auxiliary suspensions are equipped with new rugged cast arms and Link-KOAT® migratory self-healing metal treatment to provide corrosion resistance and rust protection.


  • Auxiliary Axle Swift Mount Brackets

    Swift Mount Technology

    Link’s brackets reduce installation time by up to 20%, and with just 4 sets in inventory, you can install any Link Lift Axle.

  • Link Auxiliary Suspension Swift Alignment

    Swift Alignment Technology

    Reduce installation time with Swift Alignment that takes convenience to a new level.

  • Auxiliary Suspension Lift Arm

    Rugged Cast Lift Arms

    The cast lift arms improves lift, reduces wear on bushings and minimizes interference issues for certain applications.

  • Auxiliary Suspension Bulkhead

    Bulkhead Air Kit Fittings

    The bulkhead air kit reduces overall installation time and allows push-to-connect fittings, simplifying multiple outlets into one central point.

  • Link Auxiliary Axle Mounting Envelope

    Compact Mounting Envelope

    Save on valuable frame rail space with an industry competitive mounting envelope, combined with an integrated air control system.

  • Auxiliary Suspension Disc Brake

    Disc or Drum Brake Options

    Utilizing industry-standard wheel end and brake components, we’ve simplified your maintenance process and inventory requirements.

  • Link Auxiliary Axle Ride Shocks

    Ride Shocks Option

    Improve the overall durability and ride with optional ride shocks that will reduce bounce.

  • Lift Axle - Fender Brackets

    Fender Bracket Option

    Optional fender brackets don’t require hub removal and allow optional Reverse Lock.



Note: All the weights are for the base suspension with hubs and drums, but does not include frame bracket kits, air kits, wheels, or tires. The envelope is the measurement from the center of the spindle to the front edge of the front frame bracket with the suspension at the middle of the ride height.

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