Off-Highway vehicles such as logging, mining, heavy haul, oil tankers, and end dump trailers operate in extreme terrain conditions. Unlike other manufacturers, Link’s chassis suspensions are tested and rated for 100% off-highway applications. They are designed to provide increased hauling capacity, greater stability and a better quality ride while increasing productivity by allowing drivers to maintain their speeds on off-highway terrain with a full or empty load. Cabmate® can also be spec’d as an option on these vehicles, providing an even better ride for the driver by reducing backslap, vibrations, and back stress.

50 K Trailer Suspension 27


Link’s TR50-HDT is specifically engineered for applications that involve off-highway use. You’ll get maximum performance in the most challenging environments. The 50k capacity rating allows trailer manufacturers to attain a full 150k capacity with three axle configurations.

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Air Link Gen2 002

Air Link®

The Air Link® Tandem Drive Suspension is a unique combination of air spring and walking beam technology. It delivers everything you demand in a heavy-duty suspension — high roll stability, low maintenance and a smooth ride. The unique design also ensures maximum traction and load equalization. The distinctive Air Link® TD design provides superior traction when the load is full, without the bone-jarring ride when empty.

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2019 Twin Steer 46

SWB Tandem Steer

The SWB (Spring Walking Beam) tandem steer suspension provides the added carrying capacity required in today’s heavy trucking industry. The suspension dynamically load equalizes through its spring over walking beam design. The innovative combination ensures proper axle tracking and weight distribution by minimizing possible overload scenarios. The 40K SWB tandem steer suspension was specifically designed to reduce axle stress, suspension weight and maintenance costs.

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Triton Suspension 02


The Triton chassis suspension is designed to be used in a tri-drive configurations. Intended for the demanding life of off-highway conditions with a superior 105K carrying capacity. Engineered for application flexibility the suspension is 100% approved for off-highway use with +/- 4 inches of articulation.

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