Solutions for Hauling and Deliveries

Our lineup of aluminum ramps provide safe, durable, economical solutions for hauling and deliveries. Workers in a variety of industries who use cargo vans or box trucks to make deliveries - from food and beverage, bakeries, florists, landscapers, laundry services and countless others – count on Link to improve their safety and productivity. Whether you require a 180-degree swivel ramp, mounted or portable ramp, you can be confident that all aluminum ramps from Link are built to the highest quality standards.

Link Tankless System

Tankless System

The TL System is a tankless suspension control operation for light duty applications. This low-cost, compact automatic air suspension leveling system maintains ride height and provides raising and lowering capabilities for vehicles without an air source. Digital road filtering helps to achieve maximum compressor life, while digital monitoring protects the compressor by limiting the maximum run time and duty cycle.

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2 Way System 2021

2 Way System

Link’s 2 way air management system fits most class 1 through 6 applications and controls two wheels or axles independently. The system can be equipped with a VAIAIR, GAST, AMK or THOMAS compressor. With an integrated air dryer equipped with an AMK compressor, the system will function in all conditions the vehicle encounters. Also standard is a diagnostic monitoring LED indicator with USB connection, making system diagnostics simple.

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3 Way System 2021

3 Way System

Link’s 3-4 Way Smart Air Management System fits most class 1 through 6 transit and limo suspension applications. The engineered electronic height control system is equipped with a single Thomas Compressor Twin Cylinder HC, rated for 2500 hours. With a standard exterior Parker air dryer and integrated cooling fans, the system will function at peak performance in all conditions.

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4 Way System

4 Way System

Link’s 4 Way air management system fits most class 1 through 6 recreational and specialty vehicles. The engineered electronic height control system can be equipped with a single or dual AMK Compressor or a 2 Stage AMK. With a standard integrated air dryer and four angle sensors, the system will function at peak performance in all conditions.

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Swivel Ramp foldin lg 784x1024

Swivel Ramp

Link has put a new twist on aluminum ramps. Our swivel ramp offers unmatched flexibility for loading and unloading any sized cargo, with 180-degree rotation and two storage locations. The swivel ramp mounts in the rear stored position like a traditional folding ramp, but can swing to also be stored inside, behind the wheel well – providing options for instances when a loading ramp isn’t needed.

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LB20 42” x 108” Aluminum bifold mounted ramp unfolded and deployed

Mounted Ramps

Link Manufacturing has developed a broad array of deployable mounted aluminum ramp solutions engineered for commercial vans and box trucks. Link’s lightweight, lowprofile mounted aluminum ramps vertically mount just inside a vehicle’s rear or side doors. Each mounted ramp is made from high-strength aluminum and engineered for simple installation and ease of use. All Link mounted ramps are fast, easy and convenient to deploy.

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LS50 Portable Ramp

Portable Ramps

Link's portable aluminum ramps are available for both lightweight and heavy-duty applications, featuring either folding or straight designs. The extensive range of portable ramps provide users with safe, durable, and economical solutions for their cargo loading and handling needs. An optional, high-friction, perforated deck surface is also available for applications where exposure to ice, oils, moisture and other slippery substances are common.

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