The Future of Premium Cab Suspensions

The future of cab suspensions begins with the ROI Cabmate. After years of research and engineering innovation, Link has developed the ROI Cabmate featuring Road Optimized Innovations (ROI) technology. ROI Cabmate is a revolutionary cab air suspension system engineered to deliver a better ride regardless of road surfaces. The intelligent system uses electronically controlled components to maximize ride comfort and stability.

Performance and Benefits

With ROI Cabmate, operators will benefit from an enhanced ride quality and reduced road shock. Operators will notice additional control in wind shear events and experience smoother transitions over bridges, railroad crossings, and uneven highway. The dampening rate of the shock is infinitely variable, so it can respond to large or small bumps accurately to keep the ride smoother than was previously possible. The infinite variable allows for drivers and passengers to experience the desired comfort of a very soft shock traveling down both smooth highway and uneven road conditions.

Fleet owners and owner-operators alike will appreciate the advantage that ROI Cabmate provides in protecting the structure of the cab by controlling stress that can lead to cab maintenance costs. The cab environment is improved with the air ride providing a quieter, smoother ride, which can assist in reducing driver fatigue. Team drivers may also benefit from a more limited range of cab movement while in a sleeper bunk.

We encourage you to click here to watch a video from Heavy Duty Trucking to see the difference ROI Cabmate will provide for drivers in the near future.


  • WEB ROI Part ECU

    Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

    The ECU interprets a constant stream of information from an accelerometer and position control sensor to determine the optimum ride settings for the electronically controlled shock absorbers. The ECU also uses proprietary algorithms to determine whether it needs to fill or exhaust air from the system’s air springs.


    Electronically Controlled Shock Absorbers

    The electronically controlled shock absorbers adjust to the optimal stiffness level in milliseconds based on the signal received from the ECU, enabling the best ride possible, regardless of road conditions.


    Accelerometer Sensor

    The system takes in environmental information through the accelerometer positioned on the cab. The accelerometer continuously measures acceleration at the top of the suspension. An adjustment command is then issued from the ECU based on the accelerometer and position sensor readings.

  • WEB ROI Part PCS

    Position Control Sensors

    A position control sensor constantly monitors the position and velocity of the cab relative to the frame. These signals and the resulting damping adjustments occur hundreds of times per second, resulting in a dynamic damping state that is optimized for each instant.


    Electronic Height Control

    The electronic height control system minimizes air consumption compared to traditional height control valves. It does not fill or exhaust air in response to dynamic suspension motion.

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