The Future of Cab Suspensions

Today truck drivers and fleets are challenging the commercial trucking industry to create a premium driving experience. Link has listened to the call and has developed the ROI Cabmate® cab suspension.

In 1980 Link developed the Cabmate®, the first cab air suspension, that set a new standard in ride comfort. Through continuous improvement and innovation, Link is once again raising the bar by introducing a revolutionary, best-in-class cab suspension: the ROI Cabmate.

ROI Cabmate is a revolutionary cab suspension system that delivers an optimized ride regardless of road conditions. The intelligent system uses electronically controlled shocks to increase ride comfort, improve cab stability, and reduce noise and vibration. The shock absorbers adjust automatically in real time to deliver a driving experience that was not previously possible.

The Link ROI Cabmate is a true game changer and will be the benchmark for quality and ride comfort in the commercial trucking industry.


  • A man sitting behind the steering wheel of a semi truck


    Link engineers developed the ROI Cabmate under a directive to provide a premium driving experience. Our proprietary control system uses sensors to monitor road conditions and adjust in real time to create optimal ride comfort by softening and reducing the impacts felt by the driver.

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    Our proprietary system is programmed to help keep the driver safely in control of the truck. By reducing vertical travel and body roll, the operator is able to maintain hand positions and a steady line of sight on the road during high speed maneuvering and wind shear.

  • A driver behind the steering wheel of a semi truck looking out onto the road


    Class 8 trucks equipped with the ROI Cabmate will provide a best-in-class cab experience by reducing noise, vibration and harshness. Studies have shown that vibration experienced by drivers can affect concentration, alertness and cause fatigue in short periods of time.

  • Top 20 HDT Products 2020

    HDT Top 20 Products Award

    The ROI Cabmate was highlighted as one of the most innovative, significant, and useful products for 2020. The selection was made by both HDT’s editors and an advisory board consisting of decision-makers at trucking fleets.

  • NATW Jim Winsor 2020 Award

    Jim Winsor Award

    North American Truck Writers committee announced ROI Cabmate as a Top 5 product for technical achievement in 2020. The award recognizes new trucking products and technologies that display innovation, vision, technical achievement, and applicability.


Joel Morrow Photo
“I drove more than 130,000 miles with Link’s ROI Cabmate, and I would characterize it as nothing less than the gold standard in cab suspensions. The ride not only feels highly controlled, but soft and smooth like nothing I’ve ever experienced.” Joel Morrow Truck Driver
Kevin Tomlinson Photo
“It is crazy the difference ROI Cabmate has made. Drivers say the truck noticeably rides better and the steering feels reasonably easier. The cab doesn't move in the wind and reacts intuitively to road conditions.” Kevin Tomlinson Director of Maintenance
Randy Immoos Photo
“I personally have driven over 4.5 million miles and been in the sleeper for over 4 million miles. The ride and cab comfort are paramount to me. I know the ROI Cabmate has met this demand to give the comfort I need as a driver.” Randy Immoos Truck Driver
Jarit Cornelius Photo
“The drivers notice the controlled response of the suspension right away. They say the truck feels steady through the turns, stable in wind and balanced during lane departure. They experienced smoother transitions over bumps, reduced swaying in the cab and more control behind the wheel.” Jarit Cornelius Vice President Maintenance & Compliance
Fausto Velazquez Photo
“My drivers tell me they feel less tired at the end of the day and more refreshed in the morning. Our trucks drive long haul across Mexico so I feel reassured knowing my drivers are happier and safer with the ROI Cabmate.” Fausto Velazquez Franco Fleet Owner
Russ Boshart Photo
“The ROI Cabmate provided a noticeable reduction in road vibration. The ride feels more stable with a huge improvement in cab stability during high cross winds. It would be very difficult to go back to the standard cab suspension.” Russ Boshart Truck Driver


Product Codes

Note: VNR400: will not fit with 75-gallon fuel tank option. VNL860: requires minor modification for upper shock mount.


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