Universal Height Control Valve

The 450 Series valve is a versatile non-dump height control valve designed for nearly any tractor and trailer application, as well as several Class A RV applications. Engineered specifically to meet the needs of the transport industry, the valve allows for a smoother, level driveline angle for the tractor and trailer.

Durable materials and quality construction result in the reliability and durability required by drivers and fleets. Each valve has a moderate flow rate. With over 20 years of production, the 450 Series valve is the most durable universal suspension valve replacement in the industry.


  • 450 Series Universal Leveling Valve installed on chassis

    Universal Valve

    The 450 Series is designed for multiple vehicle applications and integrates with tractor, trailer, and Class A RV applications.

  • 450 Series Universal Leveling Valve ports with push-to-connect fittings

    Installation Ready

    The kit comes with ¼” NPT airline ports and ¼” NPT fittings to streamline the installation process.

  • 450 Series Universal Leveling Valve with alternative arm length and 2 installation brackets

    Mounting Options

    The kit includes a non-dump valve, two optional bracket length, and two lever options for easy installation on any applicable application.


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