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5 Reasons to Consider Contract Manufacturing Services

Nov 7, 2023 Chris English

For many companies, contract manufacturing can provide a practical and cost-effective solution. Outsourcing your processes offers multiple advantages that might otherwise be unavailable or inaccessible in-house. Obtaining an outsourced team with years of accumulated experience offers your business flexibility and technical knowledge that you would otherwise need to absorb as an expense.

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Values that Drive a Healthy Organization

Aug 28, 2023 Stephanie Regnerus

On the surface, Link is a manufacturing company that specializes in developing and producing commercial vehicle suspensions, suspension controls, and specialty products that aid in increasing durability, efficiency and safety in the transportation industry. Individuals who buy, install and use our products are familiar with our product quality, superior service and support, and on-time delivery …

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6 Ways Link Is Helping to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Jul 27, 2023 Kirt Weaver

Drivers, Fleet Managers, and Business Owners feel the strain of rising fuel prices that only seem to keep going up. Luckily, even as these prices trend upwards, there are actions drivers and fleets can take to increase their fuel efficiency in today’s market. Many commercial vehicle industry best practices should be adopted such as educating …

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Selecting the Right Ramp for Your Vehicle

May 11, 2023 Lynn Blake

In the world of transporting cargo and equipment, loading and unloading is a crucial step in the process. Some items are light and small enough to be carried in and out of a vehicle’s cargo area without risk to the worker. However, the process of removing something heavy from a cargo van runs the risk …

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Height Control Valves – Which One is Right for You?

Dec 1, 2022 Ben Lucas

A challenge since the creation of vehicles has been reducing the damage taken by chassis. The major way that most vehicle OEMs have found to reduce said damages has been to improve the ride quality of the vehicle, most often with a suspension system. A suspension system will reduce road shock felt by the vehicle …

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The Foundation for Superior Emergency Response

Sep 28, 2022 Mark Molitor

Firefighters are some of the most important members of our communities. These brave men and women commit their time and lives to saving lives and livelihoods. With a job as important as theirs, it’s equally as important to keep their equipment maintained and give them the ability to get to fires quickly and efficiently, with …

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How Velocity at Link Impacts Our Customer Experience

Sep 6, 2022 Mark Zylstra

For several decades, companies all over the world have been studying and attempting to mimic the success of the greatest business strategy that drives creativity and innovation. At Link Manufacturing, we are committed to the long haul of implementing our Lean Strategy to positively impact and create a unique customer experience for our customers.

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Changes in Trucking Over the Years

Jun 23, 2022 Eli DeGroff

Technology has affected almost every area of our lives and has impacted almost every industry in the world. Prior to the cell phones, truckers relied only on CB radios to communicate, then came cell phones and now the trucks themselves are receiving and transmitting over cellular networks. The CB radio is still common to …

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Evolving Electric Truck Market & Link Innovations

May 5, 2022 Brian Kujala

Every day we see more electric vehicles being used and becoming prevalent. While commercial battery powered technology is still in the early adopter stages of the Class 8 market, past and future environmental regulations paved the way for electric technology to be necessary. Link’s active engagement with councils and market associations has poised itself to …

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Keeping an Eye on Winter Tire Pressure

Jan 12, 2022 Tom Perez

Twenty-five percent of all dual tire assemblies have tires that differ in pressure by more than 5 PSI. While 5 PSI may not sound like much, a tire that is just 5 PSI lower creates a 5/16” difference in diameter. In a dual tire arrangement, the larger tire will drag the smaller one an estimated …

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