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Evolving Electric Truck Market & Link Innovations

May 5, 2022 Brian Kujala

Every day we see more electric vehicles being used and becoming prevalent. While commercial battery powered technology is still in the early adopter stages of the Class 8 market, past and future environmental regulations paved the way for electric technology to be necessary. Link’s active engagement with councils and market associations has poised itself to …

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Keeping an Eye on Winter Tire Pressure

Jan 12, 2022 Tom Perez

Twenty-five percent of all dual tire assemblies have tires that differ in pressure by more than 5 PSI. While 5 PSI may not sound like much, a tire that is just 5 PSI lower creates a 5/16” difference in diameter. In a dual tire arrangement, the larger tire will drag the smaller one an estimated …

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Keeping Drivers Happy

Dec 21, 2021 Kirt Weaver

With the driver shortage at an all-time high, professional truck drivers are in a unique position to be selective on who they drive for, remaining patient until they find a fleet that they feel invests in them. Such factors are contributing to the driver turnover rate that remains above 90% in large fleets and why …

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SmartValve™ Helps Fleets Attract Drivers and Save Fuel

Dec 8, 2021 Bjorn Cannon

The patented SmartValve™ was introduced in 2013 as a solution to major fleet challenges of driver recruitment, driver retention and increased insurance costs. Until SmartValve, electronically controlled air suspensions have required several separate components: the electronic control Unit, a valve manifold, an external sensor, and the associated electronics. Link’s SmartValve combines these devices into one …

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The Push for 6x2

Nov 24, 2021 Mark Molitor

If you were to look around highways in North America today, you will see more tractors with the traditional 6x4 axle arrangement than those without. However, you would likely also notice that some are running a slightly different configuration, the 6x2 configuration. The difference between a 6x4 configuration and the 6x2 configuration is that only …

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State and Federal Regulations on Lift Axles

Nov 2, 2021 Jimmy Winslett

Lift Axles are a common sight on trucks when you’re traveling on the highway. Depending on what state you’re in, a heavy-duty truck could have anywhere from one lift axle to numerous. The biggest considerations when it comes to lift axles are Federal Bridge Laws and a State’s bridge laws. Bridge laws require that a …

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A Ramp for All Applications

Apr 30, 2021 Lynn Blake

Let’s face it, work trucks do just that—they work. The people who operate them work too, but some have to work harder than others. Whether it’s a delivery truck or a service vehicle, removing something heavy from a cargo hold can be slow, laborious and unsafe. When moving freight, fleets are more prone to worker …

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Considerations When Switching to a Steerable Lift Axle

Feb 11, 2021 Alan Kamies

The pros, cons, and laws driving aftermarket system or component specification decisions for heavy duty commercial vehicle axle configurations are many and varied. Maybe it’s a quest for bigger payloads that bring with them increased revenue, or maybe it’s the ever-changing patchwork of weight limits and bridge laws throughout the U.S. and Canada. The fact …

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Successful Outcomes From CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Mar 19, 2020 Mike Leakey

Link Manufacturing, Ltd. attended CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show last week. The show is North America’s largest construction trade show. Held every three years in Las Vegas, this massive event features the latest equipment advances and newest technology applications in every aspect of construction.

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New York Steerable Lift Axle Regulation

Mar 13, 2020 Tom Perez

A 20k steerable lift axle will be required to comply with the axle requirement in New York and the lift suspension needs to carry at least 80% of any axle in the group of three and to get the max capacity on the track. Time is of the essence for those out of compliance and …

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