Our Passion For Innovation

Link is a privately-owned company headquartered in Sioux Center, Iowa. For over four decades, Link® has been committed to engineering premium solutions for commercial vehicles and equipment that provide industry leading value for our customers in areas such as reliability, durability and overall driver well-being. This devotion started in 1980 with one truck driver searching for a better ride. The result of his efforts was Cabmate®, a revolutionary cab air suspension system. Today, Cabmate® is the standard in premium cab suspensions, and Link® supplies more OEM cab suspensions than anyone else in the world.

Visual History of Link Manufacturing

Link Milestones Span Over 40 Years

1980 - Bill Nibbelink builds the first cab air ride suspension for his class 8 truck.

1981 - Link starts manufacturing Cabmate® Cab Suspensions.

1984 - First factory opened in Sioux Center, Iowa.

1989 - Quality products and service lead to major plant expansion and growth.

1990 - Link specialty product line begins with Cat's Eye® (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

1992 - Link builds corporate office to support additional organizational needs.

1992 - Link starts Cargo Management Products (CMP).

1996 - Link earns initial ISO certification.

1998 - Link starts manufacturing Auxiliary Suspension.

1998 - Link starts manufacturing ramps for service vans with the release of the LB20, LB10, LT30, LWS40, and LS50.

1999 - Link completes major expansion with a new Plant 2 facility.

2000 - Link begins significant transformation toward factory automation with robotic welders.

2002 - Link produces UltraRide® Chassis Suspension.

2005 - Link supports war on terror as a major sub-supplier.

2007 - Link starts construction on Plant 3 in an effort to support continued growth of the auxiliary suspension product line.

2008 - Link celebrates the production of 1,000,000 Cabmate® suspensions.

2009 - Link opens Applied Technology Center for increased development of specialty engineered suspensions.

2012 - Link introduces Link Suspensions of Canada (Nisku, Alberta). Air Link® and Easy Slider® are introduced as Link products.

2015 - Link is named as a OEM 6x2 lift axle partner.

2016 - Link releases the LSR90 Swivel Ramp.

2017 - Link introduces a new line of advanced high-tech Road Optimized Innovations® (ROI).

2018 - Link attains IATF 16949:2016 certification.

2019 - Link achieves the production of 2,000,000 Cabmate® Cab Suspensions.

2020 - Link begins manufacturing ROI Cabmate®

2021 - Link starts a Suspension Controls product line out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2022 - Link completes 50,000-square-foot Plant 4 manufacturing and training facility.

2023 - Link achieves production of 1,000,000th mechanical height control valve.