Mounted Aluminum Ramps

Link Manufacturing has developed a broad array of deployable mounted aluminum ramp solutions engineered for commercial vans and box trucks. Link’s lightweight, lowprofile mounted aluminum ramps vertically mount just inside a vehicle’s rear or side doors. Each mounted ramp is made from high-strength aluminum and engineered for simple installation and ease of use.

All Link mounted ramps are fast, easy and convenient to deploy, use and stow and an optional built-in spring assist feature is also available on some models. Opening and closing the ramp requires only 50 pounds of force and the ramps can be unfolded and folded back into their vertical, low-profile storage position in less than 10 seconds. By stowing vertically inside the vehicle’s cargo hold, the ramp is not exposed to the weather or road debris and takes up less than 12 inches of horizontal space.

LB10 Series Side Step Mount

The high-strength LB10 Series ramp mounts in vans with a sidestep and easily stores in the “dead” space above the step. The user-friendly design makes installation a snap, and requires only a few seconds to position for use, making users more efficient. The LB10 Series weighs between 82 to 108 pounds and its weight capacity is 1,000 pounds.

LB20 Series Bifold Ramp

The LB20 Series ramp is a high-strength aluminum, surface-mount ramp that installs easily into any vehicle with a flat surface. The unique design stores vertically and can be positioned for use in seconds. It increases efficiency while reducing dangerous lifting and equipment damage. The ramp comes in both standard and spring-assist versions. The LB20 Series weighs between 84 to 225 pounds and its weight capacity ranges between 750 and 1,500 pounds, depending on the model.

LT30 Series Trifold Ramp

The Tri-fold design of the LT30 Series ramp allows it to easily store vertically inside the vehicle. The adjustable leg gives the option for shallow load angles. If needed, the ramp can be removed in less than a minute. The LT30 Series weighs between 110 to 140 pounds and its weight capacity is 1,000 pounds.


  • Link's LB20 ramp with the quick release latch featured

    Perfect For Quick Loading & Unloading

    The family of mounted ramps are easy to release and deploy with quick-release latches and sturdy hinge points. The mounted ramps work perfectly for vans or medium duty vehicles for rear or side loading applications.

  • A rendering of an LB20 ramp featuring the high strength steel

    High Strength Aluminum

    Our ramps are designed for reliability and durability using extruded high strength steel and state of the art manufacturing processes. Our extensive family of mounted ramps provides a safe and economical delivery solution.

  • A rendering of the top of a Link mounted ramps featuring the spring assist feature

    Spring Assist & Wheel Kit Option

    The spring assist option aids in transitioning the ramp smoothly when deploying or collapsing. The wheel kit aids in deploying the ramp by gliding the access of the ramp over flat surfaces easily to the ground.

  • A rendering of the LB20 mounting baseplate

    Easy Baseplate Installation

    Both the flat floor and side step mounts install easily into any vehicle with a side step or flat surface baseplate. The unique ramp design stores vertically and only takes a 4 bolts in the floor and mounting baseplate to position for use.

  • A rendering of the bi-fold mounted ramp folded in the side door of a cargo van

    Dead Space Storage

    The unique bi-fold ramp design stores vertically in the dead space of the vehicle. The bi-fold ramp collapses to roughly 7.5 inches in depth and the baseplate covers 15 inches of rear or side door floor space.

  • A trifold ramp deployed from the back of a cargo van

    Trifold Option

    If you need a longer ramp for ease of loading a trifold ramp is available at the length of 119 inches. The trifold design is easily stored vertically inside the vehicle and has an adjustable leg for shallow load angles.



Product Codes

Warning: Link products must be professionally installed by a trained technician when being placed into an Electric Vehicle (EV). Electric Vehicles have higher voltage batteries and cables and drilling into Electric Vehicles may cause serious bodily harm and possibly death. Link is not responsible for optional configurations or equipment that restrict the installation of this product in any way. Consult OEM body builder guides for additional installation guidelines.


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