Offers Plumbing & Mounting Flexibility

Link’s 1500 Series - All Makes Valve is designed specifically to meet the needs of the tractor, trailer and transit industries. The 1500 Series mechanical height control valve offer flexibility in mounting, plumbing and lever attachment. The valve is compact and lightweight with a modular design. With zero pressure, pressure actuation and non-dump configurations, drivers and fleets can ensure that they have the ideal suspension control system for their applications.

Each system is equipped with standard PTC fittings and a supply port check valve. With universal mounting and multiple available lever orientations, the 1500 Series is the most reliable height control system universally for the transit industry.


  • 1500 Series Chassis Leveling Valve Kit

    Universal Valve For All Truck Makes

    Comes with multiple lever orientations, mounting hardware and air connections, with options available to fit all tractors and trailers.

  • 2 1500 Series Chassis Leveling Valves in different dump configurations

    Multiple Dump Options

    Zero pressure, pressure-dump and non-dump configurations are available to fit the needs of any vehicle’s application.

  • 1500 Series Chassis Leveling Valve installed on a chassis

    Variable Air Flow

    The 1500 Series comes in a high flow and low flow option. Variable air flow reduces air consumption. A low lever angle provides lower air flow while higher lever angle increases air flow.

  • 1500 Series Chassis Leveling Valve installed above airbag

    Mounting for Any Make

    The 1500 Series valve can be mounted inline or upright to the chassis with 3/8” PTC standard or ¼” custom PTC fittings.

  • 1500 Series Chassis Leveling Valve installed with lever arm up

    Compact Size With Minimal Weight

    At less than 1 lb. with a compact design, the 1500 Series adds no weight to your load and keeps premium space available.



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