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Link Manufacturing has strong relationships with every OEM of on-highway vehicles and their suppliers. Since 1980, Cabmate® has been the premier cab suspension of choice for the Class 7-8 truck market. Our ROI Cabmate promises to take that to the next level, responding instantly to road conditions to provide an even smoother ride for the driver with better handling and control, while protecting electronics and equipment within the cab. With just a glance, our Cat’s Eye® tire pressure monitoring system makes it easy to see if your dual tires are under-inflated, while equalizing pressure between the duals and reducing the chance of a blowout. And our fuel saving 6x2 auxiliary suspension features superior traction and lower maintenance cost. Our family of lift axle suspensions install quickly, require minimal maintenance, and provide a solution to state bridge laws.

ROI Cabmate - N7M17B01

ROI Cabmate®

The future of cab suspensions begins with the ROI Cabmate. After years of research and engineering innovation, Link has developed the ROI Cabmate featuring Road Optimized Innovations (ROI) technology. ROI Cabmate is a revolutionary cab air suspension system engineered to deliver a better ride regardless of road surfaces. The intelligent system uses electronically controlled components to maximize ride comfort and stability.

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Link Electronic Height Control Valve - SmartValve


Link’s SmartValve is the first of its kind, an all-in-one electronic height control, eliminating the need for separate components that make up other electronic systems, reducing cost, preventing injuries, and saving fuel.

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Cabmate® Cab Suspension


Since 1980, Link has been committed to engineering heavy-duty trucking solutions that raise the bar for performance, installation efficiency and overall driver well being. This devotion started with one truck driver searching for a better ride. The result of his efforts was Cabmate®, a revolutionary cab air suspension system. Today, Cabmate® is the standard in cab suspensions, and Link supplies more OEM cab suspensions than anyone else in the world.

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Rendering of the Link Auxiliary Suspension 13K SS


Available in 8K, 10K, 13.5K (drum or disc brake option), and 20K capacities, Link’s family of self-steer auxiliary suspensions enhances the performance, strength and uptime of work trucks and heavy-duty vocational vehicles.

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Link 20K Non Steer Auxiliary Suspension


Our Non-Steer lift axle is available in 13K, 17K and 20K capacities. The Non-Steer 20K Lift Axle, for tag or pusher positions, incorporates several patented features for easier installation, increased stability and durable performance. Fast shipping and responsive customer support, combined with the reliability and durability Link is known for, results in a lower overall cost of ownership.

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6x2 Lift Axle

6x2 Lift Axle

The 6x2 non-steer lift axle is available as a factory install with Volvo and Mack. The 20K lift axle suspension puts you in the ideal position to improve fuel efficiency, traction, and tire life.

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H01502 Chassis Leveling Valve

1500 Series

Link’s 1500 Series - All Makes Valve is designed specifically to meet the needs of the tractor, trailer and transit industries. The 1500 Series mechanical height control valve offer flexibility in mounting, plumbing and lever attachment. The valve is compact and lightweight with a modular design. With zero pressure, pressure actuation and non-dump configurations, drivers and fleets can ensure that they have the ideal suspension control system for their applications.

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650 Series Leveling Valve

650 Series

The 650 Series Mechanical Height Control Valve provides an aid for the ride and protection of tractor cabs required by today’s transport industry. The sturdy height control valve series provides the ideal cabin leveling solution, fitting most tractor cab suspension applications.

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Cab Suspension Leveling Valve

600 Series

Link’s 600 Series Height Control Valve is a combination of quality materials and construction, delivering the industry-best height control valve solution for most cab or front air ride suspension applications. The valve series provides everything drivers and fleets demand from a height control valve, providing the best in suspension leveling.

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Chassis Leveling Valve

500 Series

Link’s 500 Series height control valve provides distinct advantages for individuals, truck drivers and fleets. With the highest flow rate in the industry, this 500 series offers a conduit for ideal driveline angle and maximum stability for the driver and the vehicle. Engineered as a versatile dump and non-dump valve for tractor and trailer applications and a number of Class A RV applications.

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Universal Leveling Valve

450 Series

The 450 Series valve is a versatile non-dump height control valve designed for nearly any tractor and trailer application, as well as several Class A RV applications. Engineered specifically to meet the needs of the transport industry, the valve allows for a smoother, level driveline angle for the tractor and trailer.

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A Cat's Eye unit

Cat's Eye®

With just a glance, the Cat’s Eye tire pressure monitoring system makes it easy to see if your dual tires are underinflated. The Cat’s Eye system also ensures tire pressure is equalized between dual tires – reducing drag and the chance for a blowout. The patented design of the Cat’s Eye tire pressure monitoring system allows drivers and fleet maintenance managers to quickly and easily see if there is a potential safety hazard from underinflated tires.

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Rendering of the Easy Slider unit

Easy Slider®

Our Easy Slider® Sliding Kingpin system allows drivers to adjust the trailer kingpin position within 8” increments on a fully loaded, connected trailer without having to disconnect the kingpin from the fifth wheel. By varying the overall length of the tractor/trailer unit, the axle weight distribution can be optimized for particular load configurations and road conditions, thereby maximizing payloads and improving traction.

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