Premium Ride Package

UltraRide® has been the chassis air suspension system of choice for manufacturers seeking to improve the ride and handling of light and medium duty vehicles. UltraRide is a total conversion suspension that replaces a standard leaf spring suspension system. The air suspension provides increased operator and passenger comfort, ease of access and overall safety. With an additional cross member and adjustable height sensor, UltraRide ensures proper alignment, increased stability, and reduced frame stress across multiple applications.

Reliable Recovery Electronic Air Kit

UltraRide comes standard with a compact, robust integrated electronic air kit. The air kit provides fast ride height recovery with up to 150psi output. The 2-stage compressor operates at low temperatures, helping to improve performance and durability compared to a single-stage design. The 3.5-gallon tank allows for faster dump and recovery cycling; enabling multiple cycles in a short amount of time when required.

The UltraRide air suspension also features optional on-board diagnostics allowing for operators to easily monitor proper ride height and lift. By adding user-friendly diagnostic software and blink codes to the warning lights, operators are able to assess any problems or diagnose error and fault codes.


  • A rendering of the UltraRide frame mount brackets

    Robust Frame Mount Brackets

    The UltraRide frame mount brackets increase durability, improve handling characteristics and reduce frame stress for longer service life. The designed geometry of the front hanger and air spring brackets also combine for increased frame strength.

  • A rendering of the UltraRide's height control system

    Height Control System

    The height control system maintains optimum ride height loaded or unloaded. The easy-to-adjust height sensors will not collect metal that may adversely affect height readings. You can be confident of more accurate readings across multiple applications.

  • A rendering of the UltraRide control rods

    Axle Alignment & Proper Tracking

    The lateral control rod and lower control arm shims ensure axle alignment and proper tracking. The robust bar pin bushings in the lateral control rod allow for lateral adjustment, while the pinion angle can easy be adjusted with shims.

  • A rendering of the UltraRide's air springs and rear shocks

    Tailored Air Springs & Rear Shocks

    Tuned ride shocks are positioned at the rear of the axle for optimum roll stability and maximum ride comfort. The heavy-duty air springs offer low natural frequency for optimum ride qualities loaded or unloaded.

  • A rendering of the UltraRide's 2-stage compact compressor

    2-Stage Compact Compressor

    The 2-stage compressor operates at a lower temperature to help improve performance and durability. The 3.5 gallon tank allows faster dump and recovery cycling; enabling multiple cycles in a short amount of time.

  • A rendering of the UltraRide's electronic air kit

    Electronic Air Kit

    The electronic air kit speeds up recovery time for quicker takeoff. The system filters out normal road oscillations and unwanted height adjustments during hard braking to reduce air consumption. The kit is also designed with plug-and-play air-line connections for ease of installation.

  • A medical icon

    Two Modes of Operation

    The Ambulance mode prevents the suspension from kneeling when the vehicle is in gear with a system enable signal. The Tower-Hauler mode ignores the input and allows the vehicle to kneel even if the vehicle is moving.

  • A low tire pressure icon

    Optional On-Board Diagnostics

    Easily monitor proper ride height and lift with the user-friendly diagnostic software. By adding blink codes to the warning lights, drivers are able to diagnose error and fault codes without connecting to a PC.

  • A gauge icon

    Ignition Timer

    The ignition timer is a safety feature designed for ambulances in hospital emergency settings. The timer allows the vehicle to kneel after the ignition is turned off, but the vehicle will not recover during this time.



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