Portable Ramps

Our portable aluminum ramps are available for both lightweight and heavy-duty applications, featuring either folding or straight designs. The extensive range of portable ramps provide users with safe, durable, and economical solutions for their cargo loading and handling needs. The construction of each design is structurally sturdy, but also easy to handle. Whether you are loading and transporting lightweight equipment or cargo up to 1,000 lbs, we have a portable ramp perfect for your needs.

An extruded aluminum surface is standard on all portable Link ramps and features slip-resistant ridges that provide the essential traction for common and repetitive use. An optional, high-friction, perforated deck surface is also available for applications where exposure to ice, oils, moisture and other slippery substances are common.

LWS40 Lightweight Series

The lightweight LWS40 Series ramp is portable and ideal for loading and transporting lighter products and machinery. It works perfectly for rear or side loading, and is 30% lighter than Link’s LS50 Heavy-Duty Model. The LWS40 Series comes in both non-folding straight and folding versions. The LWS40 Series weighs between 29 to 67 pounds and its weight capacity ranges between 350 and 500 pounds, depending on the model.

LS50 Heavy Duty Series

The LS50 Series is a heavy-duty aluminum ramp that is portable and designed for general use. The LS50 is quick to position, and allows users to reduce dangerous lifting activities and equipment damage. The ramp comes in both non-folding straight and folding versions. The LS50 Series weighs between 49 to 96 pounds and its weight capacity ranges between 750 and 1,000 pounds, depending on the model.


  • A rendering of the Link portable ramp featuring the high strength aluminum

    High Strength Aluminum

    Our ramps are designed for reliability and durability using extruded high strength steel and state of the art manufacturing processes.

  • a rendering of the LS50 and LWS40 in bifold options

    Bifold Portable Ramp Option

    Both the LS50 and LWS40 series are available with a compact bifold option which will allow you to store the ramp in length restricted areas.

  • A rendering of the end of a Link portable ramp

    Perfect For Loading & General Use

    The line of portable ramps are easy to position with a wide approach and firm side walls. They work perfectly for vans or medium duty vehicles for rear or side loading.

  • A rendering of a lightweight and heavy-duty options of the portable ramps

    Lightweight or Heavy-Duty Option

    Link has a solution for you whether you require a lightweight solution (LWS40 is 30% lighter than LS50) or a higher weight capacity (1000 lbs. weight capacity).


Note: The width of the LWS40 ramp is 1 inch wider than the load width. The width of the LS50 ramp is 2 ¾ inches wider than the load width. All bi-fold ramps collapse to roughly 7.5 inches wide.

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