Most Reliable Height Control Valve In The Industry

The 650 Series Mechanical Height Control Valve provides an aid for the ride and protection of tractor cabs required by today’s transport industry. The sturdy height control valve series provides the ideal cabin leveling solution, fitting most tractor cab suspension applications.

Quality construction and material result in the most reliable and durable height control valve in the industry. The 650 Series Mechanical Valve’s design makes it the most dependable universal replacement valve for most applications in the industry.


  • 650 Series Valve Kit

    Simple & Quick Replacement

    The kit includes two lever arms, a linkage ball stud, and a mounting stud to streamline the installation process.

  • 650 Series Valve mounted on Cab

    Universal Cab Suspension Valve

    Designed to complement cab suspensions for any make or model of truck. The valve body can be mounted in multiple directions to accommodate various hole patterns.

  • 650 Series valve mounted on truck

    Convenient Mounting

    The lever can be mounted in one of four directions. The valve includes two mounting studs used in any combination of the 4 stud positions.

  • 650 Series Valve arm

    Level Arm Travel

    The arm has 180 degrees of free rotation without valve damage, resulting in level travel.

  • 650 Series supply and exhaust ports

    Install Ready

    The valve supply and exhaust ports include 1/4” PTC fittings. A 1/4” air port plug is included.


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