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Most over the road North American trucks are typically configured as a 6x4 truck, but trucks with 6x2 lift axle configurations are growing in popularity due to the increased fuel efficiency, traction and tire life they provide. Link has been at the forefront of this movement with a multi-year agreement with Volvo® on its 6×2 axle configuration. Working closely with Volvo and Mack engineers, our 6x2 pusher axle integrates with Volvo and Mack adaptive loading systems to help trucks run at peak fuel efficiency and performance. The system provides greater fuel efficiency by sensing weight differentiation and automatically lifting the auxiliary suspension when it’s not needed, reducing friction and saving fuel when running lighter loads.

The 20K 6x2 pusher axle configuration is a factory install option available with Volvo and Mack. Like all suspensions engineered and manufactured by Link, it offers the best combination of reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness.


  • 6x2 Lift Axle on a semi truck

    Adaptive Loading Technology

    The lift assist system eliminates the need for driver judgement when it comes to load distribution. The system senses weight pressure and adjusts proportionally to the drive axle.

  • A hand filling a a semi truck's gas tank

    Improved Fuel Economy

    The 6x2 configuration provides 3-5% improved fuel economy when compared to 6x4 configurations. When lifted, the 6x2 axle reduces roll resistance, further improving fuel economy.

  • A finger pressing a button to lower a 6x2 lift axle

    Performance Lifted or Deployed

    When lifted, the 6x2 lift axle saves on tire wear by reducing roll resistance and drag. When in the down position the weight from the load is evenly distributed, limiting wear and extending tire life.

  • A close up of semi truck tires in a 6x2 configuration on a snowy road

    Superior Traction

    Whether backing under trailers or traveling up steep grades, the 6x2 configuration provides superior traction by keeping the drive axle behind the fifth wheel to increase tire friction.

  • 6x2 configuration on a semi truck

    Increase Tire Life

    Lifting the pusher axle when unwarranted reduces the miles put on the tires, thus improving tire life. Fleet tests show, on average, tire life improvement up to 20% compared to 6x4 configurations.

  • 6x2 Lift Axle - Ride Height Brackets

    Swift Mount Brackets

    Swift mount brackets can be engineered to match various OEM hole patterns. The brackets are a weld-free alignment system, which allows for easy alignment and reduced installation time.

  • 6x2 Lift Axle - Drop Center Axle

    9” Drop Center Axle

    The 9” drop center allows for maximum lift and clearance with drive-line configuration. The pneumatic drop center architecture allows the axle to be raised faster for maneuverability.

  • An under shot of the link 6x2 axle

    Lightweight Design

    The current 6x2 configurations offers lower weight and comparable handling when compared to 6x4 configurations.

  • A rendering of a pre-plumbed suspension

    Pre-Plumbed Suspension

    The pre-plumbed lift springs and integrated air system reduce installation time and save on frame rail space.


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