Automated Leveling in All Conditions

Owners and operators of RVs may experience rough regional roads and uneven parking terrains while out on their latest adventure. Link engineers and manufactures electronically controlled air management systems for RVs that automatically raises, lowers and levels the vehicle no matter the terrain. Complete with compressor controls and self-leveling capabilities, the air management system gives RVs the capability to kneel and level wherever life takes them, making them the ideal RV air management system.

Transit and bus vehicles require the ability to safely load and unload passengers or cargo within moments of stopping. Link offers an engineered ADA Compliant electronically controlled air management system for bus and transit applications that provides the most accurate raising and lowering capabilities in the industry, increasing productivity. With self-leveling capabilities, both the driver and the passengers will enjoy a smoother ride. The included air dryers, cooling fans, and compressor controls allow this system to outperform in all conditions.

Link Electronic Height Control Valve - SmartValve


Link’s SmartValve is the first of its kind, an all-in-one electronic height control, eliminating the need for separate components that make up other electronic systems, reducing cost, preventing injuries, and saving fuel.

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A rendering of the UltraRide chassis suspension


UltraRide® has been the chassis air suspension system of choice for manufacturers seeking to improve the ride and handling of light and medium duty vehicles. The air suspension provides increased operator and passenger comfort, ease of access and overall safety. With an additional cross member and adjustable height sensor, UltraRide ensures proper alignment, increased stability, and reduced frame stress across multiple applications.

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H01502 Chassis Leveling Valve

1500 Series

Link’s 1500 Series - All Makes Valve is designed specifically to meet the needs of the tractor, trailer and transit industries. The 1500 Series mechanical height control valve offer flexibility in mounting, plumbing and lever attachment. The valve is compact and lightweight with a modular design. With zero pressure, pressure actuation and non-dump configurations, drivers and fleets can ensure that they have the ideal suspension control system for their applications.

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Chassis Leveling Valve

500 Series

Link’s 500 Series height control valve provides distinct advantages for individuals, truck drivers and fleets. With the highest flow rate in the industry, this 500 series offers a conduit for ideal driveline angle and maximum stability for the driver and the vehicle. Engineered as a versatile dump and non-dump valve for tractor and trailer applications and a number of Class A RV applications.

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A rendering of the Link Swivel Ramp swiveled at at 90 degree angle

LSR90 - Swivel Ramp

Link has put a new twist on aluminum ramps. Our swivel ramp offers unmatched flexibility for loading and unloading any sized cargo, with 180-degree rotation and two storage locations. The swivel ramp mounts in the rear stored position like a traditional folding ramp, but can swing to also be stored inside, behind the wheel well – providing options for instances when a loading ramp isn’t needed.

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Rendering of the 2024 LB20 ramp design extended

LB20 - Loading Ramp

Link Manufacturing has developed a broad array of deployable mounted aluminum ramp solutions engineered for commercial vans and box trucks. Link’s lightweight, low-profile, mounted aluminum ramps vertically mount just inside a vehicle’s rear or side doors. Each mounted ramp is made from high-strength aluminum and engineered for simple installation and ease of use. All Link mounted ramps are fast, easy and convenient to deploy.

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LB10 bifold ramp extended

LB10 - Side Door Ramp

The low-profile LB10 side door ramp mounts in commercial vans with a sidestep and easily stores vertically in the “dead” space above the step. The user-friendly design is deployable within a few seconds for use, making users more efficient. The LB10 series weighs between 82 to 108 pounds and its weight capacity is 1,000 pounds. Every LB10 is made from high-strength aluminum and engineered for simple installation and ease of use.

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Rendering of a extended ramp

LT30 - Extended Ramp

Link developed the LT30 Extended ramp to provide customers with the option for a lower degree angle of entry into a commercial van’s or box truck’s cargo area. The compact extended design of the LT30 series allows it to easily store vertically inside the vehicle’s rear door, isolating it from weather and road debris. Each LT30 mounted ramp is made from high-strength aluminum and is engineered for simple installation on any flat surface.

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A rendering of the LS50 Portable Ramp

Portable Ramps

Link's portable aluminum ramps are available for both lightweight and heavy-duty applications, featuring either folding or straight designs. The extensive range of portable ramps provide users with safe, durable, and economical solutions for their cargo loading and handling needs. An optional, high-friction, perforated deck surface is also available for applications where exposure to ice, oils, moisture and other slippery substances are common.

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A rendering of Link's 3-4 way smart air management system

Air Ride Leveling Systems

Link’s air ride leveling systems fit most class 1 through 6 applications. They work well with specialty applications such as delivery box trucks, ambulance and rescue vehicles, transit buses, limos, and recreational vehicles. Each leveling system is electronically controlled, allowing for easy ride height adjustment on an air suspension. Drivers can raise and lower the system within minutes for loading and unloading.

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