The All-In-One Electronic Height Control System

Link’s SmartValve is the first of its kind an all-in-one electronic height control system. SmartValve eliminates the need for separate components that make up other electronic suspension control systems, reducing cost, preventing injuries, and saving fuel.

With the weight of the trailer fully resting on the landing gear and suspension, the effort used in cranking the landing gear can result in injuries to the driver. When SmartValve is installed on the tractor, drivers can raise suspension above ride height as well as dump to avoid struggling against the weight of the trailer, even fully loaded.

SmartValve advances the safety of the suspension system, reduces air consumption, and maintains precise control of driveline angles. Advanced capabilities include automatic ride height functionality to raise and lower the suspension. SmartValve, can optimize vehicle aerodynamics to save fuel with its onboard J1939 controller and the ability to customize safety interlocks and performance parameters.

Including customizable software and reduced downtime, the Link SmartValve is the ideal height control valve solution for nearly any tractor or transit application. Made out of high quality, durable materials, the SmartValve is the most reliable option in the industry today.


  • Trailer Parked Too High

    Trailer Parked Too High

    With SmartValve the driver can couple the tractor and trailer by simply raising over ride height to reach the trailer king pin and allow for easy final adjustment of the landing gear.

  • Reduce Driver Fatique

    Reduce Driver Fatique

    SmartValve allows the driver to reduce pressure on the landing gear by raising the suspension. Drivers can then crank the landing gear up with less effort and in just a few seconds.

  • Injury

    Reduce Back & Shoulder Injuries

    Varying trailer heights require multiple trips in and out of the cab as well as 80-120 lbs of force to be applied to the landing gear crank to raise and 20-50 lbs to lower a loaded parked trailer.

  • Auto Rutern

    Increase Uptime

    Trailer lots are often unmanned and packed too tight to access hand crank. With SmartValve drivers no longer need to wait for spotters to pull trailers out far enough to reach landing gear.

  • Auto Return Feature

    Auto Return To Ride Height

    SmartValve’s safety feature maintains accurate ride height at all times using self-monitoring CAN signals. The suspension will return to ride height automatically at 7 mph.

  • Envelope

    Simple Retro-Fit

    The SmartValve fits within the same envelope as mechanical height control valves. Preset heights can also be programmed for easy coupling and uncoupling of trailers.

  • Reduce Landing Gear

    Reduce Landing Gear Damage

    Hooking up to an off-centered trailer often binds and damages the landing gear. SmartValve allows the trailer to be lifted for added clearance when hooking up.

  • Trailer Parked Too Low

    Trailer Parked Too Low

    With SmartValve the driver simply raises the tractor frame over ride height, thus lifting the trailer and reducing the effort needed to crank the gear.

  • Trailers Parked Too Tight

    Trailers Parked Too Tight

    With SmartValve the driver simply raises the tractor frame over ride height, lifting the trailer and landing gear enough to pull the trailer out to access the gear.


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