Sliding Kingpin Makes Optimal Weight Distribution Easy

Our Easy Slider® Sliding Kingpin system allows drivers to adjust the trailer kingpin position within 8” increments on a fully loaded, connected trailer without having to disconnect the kingpin from the fifth wheel. By varying the overall length of the tractor/trailer unit, the axle weight distribution can be optimized for particular load configurations and road conditions, thereby maximizing payloads and improving traction. Minimizing the distance between the tractor and trailer also allows for tighter turn radius within constricted maneuvering situations. Easy Slider can be coupled with any tractor or trailer.

Easy Slider eliminates the limitations of a sliding fifth wheel, the inflexibility of a fixed kingpin setup and the high maintenance of a sliding upper plate system. The simplicity of the Easy Slider kingpin system ensures you remain in compliance with various bridge laws and DOT regulations as well as improving traction and aerodynamics. Unlike a sliding fifth wheel, which only shifts weight down from the drive axles to the steering axle, the Easy Slider kingpin systems shifts the weight from the drive axles to the trailer axles and vice-versa. With the various DOT regulations, the Easy Slider is a must to quickly change your axle loads.


  • A side view of the back of a semi cab hauling a trailer

    Change Kingpin Setback In Seconds

    Easy Slider allows the kingpin position to be adjusted on an empty or fully loaded trailer within 90 seconds. When adjusting the trailer, the loading valve will lift the lock pin and the tractor can move forward or backward. Once in position the loading valve will release and the locking pin will fully engage.

  • A red semi truck hauling a trailer over a bridge

    Maximize Payload Within Length Limits

    Drivers can quickly change the overall length of the tractor and trailer to comply with federal bridge span formulas by shifting the kingpin by 8” increments. The Kingpin adjustment allows tractors to carry up to 5,000 lbs. of additional payload between the US and Canada.

  • A red semi truck hauling a trailer next to a blue semi truck with hauling a flatbed trailer with cargo on a highway.

    Unlike A Sliding Fifth Wheel

    A sliding fifth wheel will only shift the trailer weight from the drive axles to the steering axle. With Easy Slider the driver can redistribute the load over the drive axle without overloading the steer axle, unloading the trailer, and disconnecting the fifth wheel.

  • Two tires on a semi truck in motion

    Improve Traction

    By adjusting the trailer weight over the drive axle, the tractor can be optimized for particular load configurations and road conditions, thereby improving traction and driver comfort.

  • Two tanker trailers

    Super B Train Configurations

    Super B train configurations in cross-border applications can use Easy Slider to shift the length, weight and turn radius between drive axles and middle tri-axles.


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Note: The kingpin moves in 8" position increments. Custom sliders lengths between 32″ and 80″ are available upon request.


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