The Non-Steer 20K Lift Axle, for tag or pusher positions, incorporates several patented features for easier installation, increased stability and durable performance. The patented, interchangeable ride height brackets allow the installer to manage inventory dollars and still offer a lift axle for nearly any truck. The separate brackets allow the user to easily move the lift axle to a different truck. The compact mounting envelope (24.6’’) combined with the optional integrated air control system saves valuable frame rail space. The separate ride height brackets and pre-plumbed integrated air control kit can save 2-3 hours of installation time.

The Non-Steer Lift Axle is also available in 13K or 17K capacity. The unique design allows 11’’ to 15’’ of ride height and 15’’ of travel, making it outstanding for tag position applications encountering uneven terrain. The direct arm to axle connection increases stability and reduces maintenance. The Non-Steer Lift Axle is completely unitized at the factory, insuring accurate alignment of the suspension. It is available with 15’’ or 20’’ wheels for maximum lift and clearance.

50-70% Faster Installation with Swift Mount Technology

Featuring Swift Mount Technology, Link’s self-steer auxiliary suspensions use patented interchangeable right height brackets and integrated air kits to reduce installation time by three to five hours. The brackets also help alleviate inventory concerns by allowing companies to keep four sets in inventory, which can be used to mount any Link auxiliary suspension.


Engineered to Link’s exacting standards for reliability and durability, all auxiliary suspensions are equipped with new rugged cast arms and Link-KOAT® migratory self-healing metal treatment to provide corrosion resistance and rust protection. A compact mounting envelope, combined with optional integrated air control system, also saves valuable frame rail space.



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