Customizing Cab Suspensions for Agriculture Equipment

Feb 25, 2016 Michael Hof

Link has a 35-year history developing cab suspensions and working with heavy-duty vehicles, so a natural fit for our cab suspensions was the agricultural industry. For the past 20+ years, Link has partnered with Ag OEMs to provide cab suspensions for application sprayers. These sprayers travel at high speeds across rough and uneven terrain. With …

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What You Need To Know To Select The Right Lift Axle

Feb 10, 2016 Tom Perez

Do you know the right questions to ask to ensure your customers get the right lift axle? By serving the aftermarket lift axle industry for nearly 20 years, we at Link know what your customers want and how to deliver it on-time. First and foremost is durability. They also want a lift axle that’s easy …

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UltraRide Ambulance Suspension

Jan 27, 2016 Jimmy Winslett

For the past decade Link’s UltraRide air suspension system has been the leading air suspension system for Type 1 emergency vehicles. Not only does it provide a smooth ride for ambulance occupants, it allows the vehicle to kneel so EMS personnel can load and offload patients, while quickly returning to ride height once the doors …

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Cat’s Eye Tire Pressure Monitoring System Keeps Drivers Safe

Dec 9, 2015 Tom Perez

Under-inflated tires are estimated to be the number one cause of tire failure, with pieces of blown tires the leading road hazard, causing an estimated 25,000 accidents and 90 deaths per year. With tire pressure being so important to both driver safety and shipping fleets’ bottom lines, a tire pressure monitoring System such as Cat’s …

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