Road Optimized Innovations And Future Trucking Technologies

Oct 25, 2018 Michael Hof

The biggest trends at IAA that will impact the future of the trucking industry were the trend towards autonomous vehicles and the growth that is taking place in technologies which make vehicles smarter and more efficient. Link’s new category of Road Optimized Innovation suspensions is designed with the future in mind. The ROI Cabmate suspension …

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Link Brings Innovation to the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show

Sep 13, 2018 Michael Hof

Many vehicle technology trends start in Europe before catching on in the United States – the 6x2 configuration is just one example. A variety of factors likely contribute to Europe leading the way, so at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show we’ll be keeping a close eye on how innovations in fuel efficiency, autonomous vehicles, driver …

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How Air Link Helps Construction Vehicles Outperform

Aug 16, 2018 Chris English

With on and off-road capabilities—from the job site to highway travel—Air Link offers the reliability and durability needed for multi-purpose construction vehicles. It does better than other conventional air suspensions for chassis that have a higher center of gravity because the air system is not a direct factor in the axle articulation. Because it requires …

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Load Handling System Trailer for the Canadian Army

Jul 19, 2018 Chris English

Link Suspensions of Canada and Mack Defense announced the completion of the 100th Load Handling System (LHS) Trailer, built for the Canadian Army’s MSVS – SMP Program. Link worked collaboratively with Mack Defense to engineer and manufacture a highly reliable and durable trailer that meets the Canadian Army’s exacting specifications. It is the most recent …

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WasteExpo 2018

May 9, 2018 Chris English

WasteExpo 2018 was an opportunity to hear about issues facing those in the waste collection business. Waste vehicles face unique challenges and severe wear and tear compared to many other vocational vehicles. The suspension needs to handle both on-and-off-road conditions as they navigate residential streets and the uneven terrain of waste collection sites. It was …

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Selecting The Right Fire Truck Suspension

Apr 18, 2018 Chris English

The Air link is an extremely robust and durable tandem drive suspension that provides excellent load equalization, superior traction and a smooth ride. It merges the load equalization of a walking beam suspension with the ride quality of an air suspension. Air Link minimizes the vibration from a rough ride that leads to cracks, breakages …

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Versatility Of The Link Swivel Ramp

Apr 9, 2018 Lynn Blake

NTEA highlighted the international attention the Link Swivel Ramp is receiving, with companies from Mexico and South America showing strong interest. The LSR90 has a 180° rotation for easier loading and unloading.

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NTEA Work Truck Show 2018

Apr 4, 2018 Tom Perez

Each year, Link Manufacturing connects with customers and explores industry trends at the NTEA Work Truck Show. The Work Truck Show showcases the latest and most innovative commercial vehicles, equipment and solutions the industry has to offer. Link showcased our line of newly-redesigned Self-Steer Auxiliary Suspensions along with the Link Swivel Ramp.

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New Self-Steer Auxiliary Suspension Outperforms All Others

Mar 7, 2018 Michael Hof

Link announced the availability of our redesigned family of self-steer auxiliary suspensions. It was a collaborative effort for engineering and manufacturing, who were challenged to create a new line of auxiliary suspensions with the reliability and durability that has become a hallmark, but also offer new features. Benefits include: Faster Installation, better inventory management, greater …

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Improve Tire Life And Fuel Efficiency With Cat's Eye

Nov 21, 2017 Jimmy Winslett

Installing the Cat’s Eye tire pressure monitoring system helps improve fuel efficiency and tire life. With an expected ROI of 3-6 months, installing one now can help take pressure off your budget. Designed for any vehicle that runs dual wheel combinations with a 60 PSI rating or higher, the Cat’s Eye not only lets drivers …

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