Celebrating Our Past and Setting the Course for Our Future at NACV

Oct 17, 2019 Michael Hof

We’re about two weeks from the kick-off of the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta. This bi-annual event is where thousands of trucking professionals gather for the most comprehensive fleet-focused event in the United States and to get a preview of the technical innovations that will drive the industry forward for years to …

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Precision Agriculture Puts a Premium on the Cab Suspension of Ag Vehicles

Jul 18, 2019 Michael Hof

Like many off-highway vehicles, the sophistication of agriculture equipment has advanced exponentially in recent years. We’ve entered the era of precision agriculture, complete with cabs equipped with GPS systems, internet connectivity, and sensors that monitor everything from fuel usage to the nutrient content of the soil. The dashboards of modern sprayers, tractors, combines, harvesters, and …

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Industry Best Lead Times and Responsive Customer Service

Jun 28, 2019 Aaron Tuschen

One of the main truths in business is people want their orders delivered fast. Consumer-based e-commerce sites have conditioned us to expect delivery windows that seem to be shrinking by the day. Link recognizes that the truck industry is trending in the same direction. Customers want their orders in their hands as quickly as possible. …

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Why Choose a Link Air Suspension Over Traditional Rubber Block or Leaf Spring Suspension

Jun 14, 2019 Neil Mardell

If you’re in the market for a new or used heavy vocational vehicle, you know for certain that your truck contributes to your overall productivity and bottom line. You also know the truck will take a lot of abuse, and likely understand that upgrading the chassis suspension can prolong the life of the vehicle and …

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Link Employees Celebrate Our 2 Millionth Cabmate

May 24, 2019 Jim Huls

This week was one of the most memorable and rewarding weeks in my 25 years at Link as we celebrated the production of our two millionth Cabmate premium cab suspension. While we made the official announcement yesterday, the real highlight was the celebration where our management team and special guests were able to recognize and …

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Follow This Cabmate Maintenance Checklist for Optimum Performance & Comfort

Apr 12, 2019 Chuck Boden

Cabmate was first developed in 1980 and has quickly become the industry standard for premium cab suspensions. Fleet owners and drivers benefit from the improved ride quality Cabmate provides, resulting in a more comfortable ride with less sway, while offering better protection for the mounted equipment inside the cab.Although it is engineered to be incredibly …

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TMC 2019 Focus: How Technology Can Help Tackle Trucking Industry Challenges

Mar 29, 2019 Zane McCarthy

I spent the better part of last week at TMC 2019 in Atlanta, the annual conference of the ATA Technology & Maintenance Council. This is one of the leading educational events for the trucking industry and is designed to provide fleet owners and operators with the latest information on how to improve maintenance, sustainability and …

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How Our Road Optimized Innovation Line of Suspensions Fit into the Future of Trucking

Oct 25, 2018 Michael Hof

One of the benefits of exhibiting at international events like the IAA Commercial Vehicles show is to see firsthand the trends and technologies shaping the future of trucking. Europe often embraces new concepts early, so in many ways the show is a preview for what will hit America’s asphalt in the coming years. By far …

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Link Brings Innovation to Germany for the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show

Sep 13, 2018 Michael Hof

Our team from Link is grabbing our passports and packing our bags for the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany. The show takes place every two years and bills itself as the world’s leading trade show for transport, logistics and mobility. It’s a fantastic event for a variety of reasons, primarily because it …

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Our New Family of Self-Steer Auxiliary Suspensions Will Simply Outperform All Others

Mar 7, 2018 Michael Hof

Link Manufacturing originally made its mark in the trucking industry with Cabmate, which has become the leading cab air suspension system for Class 7 and 8 trucks. Over the years we’ve become known as a premier manufacturer of auxiliary suspensions as well. Our self-steer and non-steer auxiliary suspensions are trusted by OEMs, fleet owners and …

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