The Latest on Link's Cabmate Cab Suspension

Link engineers and produces Cabmate, the leading cab air suspension system for Class 7 and 8 trucks. Link is committed to engineering heavy-duty trucking solutions that raise the bar for performance, installation efficiency and overall driver well-being.

Link Innovation On Display At NACV

Oct 17, 2019 Michael Hof

We’re about two weeks from the kick-off of the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta. At NACV, Link will be celebrating our legacy as a leader in heavy-duty suspensions while showcasing the advancements we’re developing that will make the future of vehicle performance even brighter.

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Industry Best Lead Times and Responsive Customer Service

Jun 28, 2019 Aaron Tuschen

At Link, we’re proud of our industry best lead times, and hold ourselves to a 48-hour window on standard auxiliary and cab suspension configurations from the time the purchase order is received until the product leaves our facility. While special orders take a little longer, we strive for a five-day lead time on custom orders.

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Celebrating Link's 2 Millionth Cabmate

May 24, 2019 Jim Huls

This week was one of the most memorable at Link as we celebrated the production of our two millionth Cabmate suspension. Reaching the two millionth Cabmate milestone required everyone – from those on the plant floor to our administrative professionals to the sales team – showing up each day with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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Cabmate Maintenance Checklist for Optimum Performance

Apr 12, 2019 Ryan De Wit

Although the Cabmate is engineered to be reliable and durable, it needs to be maintained. However, because it’s designed so well and isn’t easily visible during a routine inspection, it can suffer from the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” and not get the maintenance it needs until a driver complains the truck …

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Road Optimized Innovations And Future Trucking Technologies

Oct 25, 2018 Michael Hof

The biggest trends at IAA that will impact the future of the trucking industry were the trend towards autonomous vehicles and the growth that is taking place in technologies which make vehicles smarter and more efficient. Link’s new category of Road Optimized Innovation suspensions is designed with the future in mind. The ROI Cabmate suspension …

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Link Brings Innovation to the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show

Sep 13, 2018 Michael Hof

Many vehicle technology trends start in Europe before catching on in the United States – the 6x2 configuration is just one example. A variety of factors likely contribute to Europe leading the way, so at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show we’ll be keeping a close eye on how innovations in fuel efficiency, autonomous vehicles, driver …

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Driven to Outperform for Customers and Employees

Feb 13, 2018 Jim Huls

As we look back on 2017 and prepare for another great year, our best asset remains our team. With ambitious growth goals, providing our people with the necessary tools and training to be even more effective is critical. Our employees truly embrace our commitment to being driven to outperform. They are fully invested in the …

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Wrapping Up Run on Less At NACV

Oct 19, 2017 Michael Hof

One unique aspect of NACV 2017 was the press conference kicking-off the event that announced the results of the Run on Less demonstration. Link used NACV to demonstrate our commitment to the 6x2 liftable pusher concept and showcased Links Peterbilt 579 test vehicle.

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Link Showcases Cabmate and Air Link at IAA Show

Sep 30, 2016 Michael Hof

Link Manufacturing, Ltd. showcased its line of cab suspensions and heavy-duty truck suspensions to a global audience at the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles show, held in Hanover, Germany. ink displayed a variety of its leading suspension and chassis products for heavy duty and commercial vehicles, including Cabmate and the Air Link Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension.

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Customizing Cab Suspensions for Agriculture Equipment

Feb 25, 2016 Michael Hof

Link has a 35-year history developing cab suspensions and working with heavy-duty vehicles, so a natural fit for our cab suspensions was the agricultural industry. For the past 20+ years, Link has partnered with Ag OEMs to provide cab suspensions for application sprayers. These sprayers travel at high speeds across rough and uneven terrain. With …

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