Link Can Help You Comply with New York Steerable Lift Axle Regulation

Mar 13, 2020 Chuck Boden

Although it had been on people’s radar for a while, beginning on January 1 of this year fleet owners and operators in New York were greeted with DLN#14-01. This new regulation requires truck model years 2005 and older operating under the Divisible Load permits to meet the following requirements: All vehicles that have a lift …

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Showcasing Our Leading 13.5K Auxiliary Suspension and Versatile Swivel Ramp at the NTEA Work Truck Show

Feb 14, 2020 Tom Perez

Link will be exhibiting at the 20th annual NTEA Work Truck Show. We will be showcasing our enhanced 13.5K self-steer auxiliary suspension and versatile Swivel Ramp. The NTEA Work Truck Show runs March 3-6 at the Indiana Convention Center and Link will be set up in Booth #2019.

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Celebrating Our Past and Setting the Course for Our Future at NACV

Oct 17, 2019 Michael Hof

We’re about two weeks from the kick-off of the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta. This bi-annual event is where thousands of trucking professionals gather for the most comprehensive fleet-focused event in the United States and to get a preview of the technical innovations that will drive the industry forward for years to …

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How to Easily Spec an Auxiliary Axle

Sep 13, 2019 Jimmy Winslett

Auxiliary suspensions go by many names. You might refer to them as auxiliary axles, lift axles, or third axles. You might even call them pusher or tag axles, depending on where they’re located on the truck. With so many terms all used to refer to essentially the same product, you can imagine spec’ing an auxiliary …

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Advantages of Our 13.5K Self-Steer Auxiliary Suspension with Air Disc Brakes

Aug 16, 2019 Joel Van Den Brink

As you hopefully know, our 13.5K self-steer auxiliary suspension with air disc brakes recently became available. Disc brakes, which have been standard on passenger vehicles for many years, are becoming increasingly popular in the trucking industry. In fact, according to Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, air disc brakes can currently be found on approximately 25 percent …

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Industry Best Lead Times and Responsive Customer Service

Jun 28, 2019 Aaron Tuschen

One of the main truths in business is people want their orders delivered fast. Consumer-based e-commerce sites have conditioned us to expect delivery windows that seem to be shrinking by the day. Link recognizes that the truck industry is trending in the same direction. Customers want their orders in their hands as quickly as possible. …

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Our 12-Point Checklist for Proper Auxiliary Suspension Maintenance

May 10, 2019 Chuck Boden

Auxiliary suspensions are fairly straightforward in concept - remaining in a raised position when not needed and dropping down to the road to support a heavy load - but a lot of sophisticated engineering goes into the steerable and non-steerable suspensions that Link manufactures. The first thing maintenance professionals notice when examining our auxiliary suspensions …

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TMC 2019 Focus: How Technology Can Help Tackle Trucking Industry Challenges

Mar 29, 2019 Zane McCarthy

I spent the better part of last week at TMC 2019 in Atlanta, the annual conference of the ATA Technology & Maintenance Council. This is one of the leading educational events for the trucking industry and is designed to provide fleet owners and operators with the latest information on how to improve maintenance, sustainability and …

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Patented Link-KOAT® Treatment Adds Durability to Auxiliary Suspensions

Mar 15, 2019 Roger DeBoer

Have you ever stopped to consider the extreme abuse the equipment underneath your vehicle is forced to endure? From constantly getting hit with flying rocks and debris to being soaked with the corrosive chemicals applied in the winter, it’s no surprise that premature rust is a common problem. Our Focus on Collaborative Engineering Resulted in …

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Link Brings Suspension and Ramp Innovations to the NTEA Work Truck Show

Feb 28, 2019 Tom Perez

Next week marks one of the biggest events to hit Indianapolis each year. No, not the NFL Combine or the Indy 500. The NTEA Work Truck Show runs March 5-8 at the Indiana Convention Center and Link will be set up in Booth 2019 to showcase the variety of solutions we offer for commercial vehicles …

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