New 52K Air Link Suspension

Nov 27, 2019 Joel Van Den Brink

With the introduction of our new 52K Air Link Gen 3 Tandem Drive Suspension, there is now a better option. The Air Link Gen 3 combines an air suspension with walking beams to deliver high roll stability, superior traction, and a comfortable ride running empty or full. The overall ride is smoother, as the vertical …

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How to Easily Spec an Auxiliary Axle

Sep 13, 2019 Jimmy Winslett

At Link, we believe ordering an auxiliary axle should be easy. Everything from choosing the right auxiliary axle to the engineering of our entire family of self-steer suspensions is designed to make it easier and faster to spec and install.

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85K Air Link® Suspension For Off-Highway Vehicles

Aug 30, 2019 Bill Ott

Link’s 85K Air Link chassis suspension is unlike anything else on the market and is another example of Link’s ability to collaboratively engineer solutions to overcome unique challenges.

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Advantages Of 13.5K Self-Steer Disc Brakes

Aug 16, 2019 Joel Van Den Brink

The Link 13.5K self-steer auxiliary suspension with air disc brakes recently became available. Air disc brakes not only deliver better stopping power and reduced maintenance, but they also provide a more consistent performance, making them a better option.

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Cab Suspension For Premium Ag Equipment

Jul 18, 2019 Michael Hof

We’ve entered the era of precision agriculture. Driving at increased speeds over rough and uneven terrain puts the driver, and all of the sophisticated equipment under increased stress. When trying to mitigate the trauma for the occupant and electronics, the cab suspension becomes invaluable.

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Industry Best Lead Times and Responsive Customer Service

Jun 28, 2019 Aaron Tuschen

At Link, we’re proud of our industry best lead times, and hold ourselves to a 48-hour window on standard auxiliary and cab suspension configurations from the time the purchase order is received until the product leaves our facility. While special orders take a little longer, we strive for a five-day lead time on custom orders.

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Air Suspensions Compared to Rubber Block or Leaf Spring Suspension?

Jun 14, 2019 Chris English

While all suspensions perform well when the truck is fully loaded, when partially loaded or without cargo, traditional rubber block and leaf spring suspensions will transmit every bump and depression. Occupants inside the cab will experience trauma to the body while mounted equipment will suffer stress cracks and jarring, increasing maintenance costs and decreasing vehicle …

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Celebrating Link's 2 Millionth Cabmate

May 24, 2019 Jim Huls

This week was one of the most memorable at Link as we celebrated the production of our two millionth Cabmate suspension. Reaching the two millionth Cabmate milestone required everyone – from those on the plant floor to our administrative professionals to the sales team – showing up each day with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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12-Point Checklist For Auxiliary Suspension Maintenance

May 10, 2019 Jimmy Winslett

While Link takes great pride in the reliability and durability of our auxiliary suspensions, they need to be properly inspected every time you do a complete service job on the vehicle to keep them operating at peak performance. While steerable auxiliary suspensions are a little more complicated than non-steerable suspensions due to having more moving …

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Showcasing the Advantages of Link Ramps at NAFA

Apr 26, 2019 Lynn Blake

During NAFA, Link had a number of discussions with attendees centered on ergonomic concerns for the delivery person, and that’s where Link Ramps come into play. Although they are all transporting and delivering different types of equipment, what they all appreciate is the number of benefits our ramps provide, including productivity, safety, versatility, strength, and …

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