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ROI Cabmate is an innovative cab suspension system that delivers an optimized ride in all road conditions. The revolutionary system uses electronically controlled shocks reacting in real time to increase ride comfort, improve cab stability, and reduce noise and vibration.

Whole Body Vibration - The Impacts and Solutions

Jul 10, 2024 Kody Taylor

Anyone who has driven for any length of time knows the sensation of vibration from the road and vehicle. When it’s severe enough, it resonates through the vehicle. It can be felt through the floor, the seat and the steering wheel. However, the average vibration goes unnoticed. The fact that it goes unnoticed doesn’t mean …

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6 Ways Link Is Helping to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Jul 27, 2023 Kirt Weaver

Drivers, Fleet Managers, and Business Owners feel the strain of rising fuel prices that only seem to keep going up. Luckily, even as these prices trend upwards, there are actions drivers and fleets can take to increase their fuel efficiency in today’s market. Many commercial vehicle industry best practices should be adopted such as educating …

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Changes in Trucking Over the Years

Jun 23, 2022 Eli DeGroff

Technology has affected almost every area of our lives and has impacted almost every industry in the world. Prior to the cell phones, truckers relied only on CB radios to communicate, then came cell phones and now the trucks themselves are receiving and transmitting over cellular networks. The CB radio is still common to …

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Evolving Electric Truck Market & Link Innovations

May 5, 2022 Brian Kujala

Every day we see more electric vehicles being used and becoming prevalent. While commercial battery powered technology is still in the early adopter stages of the Class 8 market, past and future environmental regulations paved the way for electric technology to be necessary. Link’s active engagement with councils and market associations has poised itself to …

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Keeping Drivers Happy

Dec 21, 2021 Kirt Weaver

With the driver shortage at an all-time high, professional truck drivers are in a unique position to be selective on who they drive for, remaining patient until they find a fleet that they feel invests in them. Such factors are contributing to the driver turnover rate that remains above 90% in large fleets and why …

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Successful Outcomes From CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Mar 19, 2020 Mike Leakey

Link Manufacturing, Ltd. attended CONEXPO-CON/AGG trade show last week. The show is North America’s largest construction trade show. Held every three years in Las Vegas, this massive event features the latest equipment advances and newest technology applications in every aspect of construction.

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Link Innovation On Display At NACV

Oct 17, 2019 Michael Hof

We’re about two weeks from the kick-off of the North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta. At NACV, Link will be celebrating our legacy as a leader in heavy-duty suspensions while showcasing the advancements we’re developing that will make the future of vehicle performance even brighter.

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Cab Suspension For Premium Ag Equipment

Jul 18, 2019 Michael Hof

We’ve entered the era of precision agriculture. Driving at increased speeds over rough and uneven terrain puts the driver, and all of the sophisticated equipment under increased stress. When trying to mitigate the trauma for the occupant and electronics, the cab suspension becomes invaluable.

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Link Innovation On Display At TMC 2019

Mar 29, 2019 Joel Van Den Brink

The theme of TMC 2019 was “going beyond the frontier of maintenance.” There were several educational sessions that addressed future-oriented truck and trailer technologies, vehicle electrification issues, KPIs, and equipment specification trends. At our booth we showcased our latest innovations suited for fleets, including our ROI Cabmate and 6x2 Adaptive Loading Auxiliary Suspensions.

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Road Optimized Innovations And Future Trucking Technologies

Oct 25, 2018 Michael Hof

The biggest trends at IAA that will impact the future of the trucking industry were the trend towards autonomous vehicles and the growth that is taking place in technologies which make vehicles smarter and more efficient. Link’s new category of Road Optimized Innovation suspensions is designed with the future in mind. The ROI Cabmate suspension …

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