6 Ways Link Is Helping to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Jul 27, 2023 Kirt Weaver

Drivers, Fleet Managers, and Business Owners feel the strain of rising fuel prices that only seem to keep going up. Luckily, even as these prices trend upwards, there are actions drivers and fleets can take to increase their fuel efficiency in today’s market. Many commercial vehicle industry best practices should be adopted such as educating …

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Height Control Valves – Which One is Right for You?

Dec 1, 2022 Ben Lucas

A challenge since the creation of vehicles has been reducing the damage taken by chassis. The major way that most vehicle OEMs have found to reduce said damages has been to improve the ride quality of the vehicle, most often with a suspension system. A suspension system will reduce road shock felt by the vehicle …

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Evolving Electric Truck Market & Link Innovations

May 5, 2022 Brian Kujala

Every day we see more electric vehicles being used and becoming prevalent. While commercial battery powered technology is still in the early adopter stages of the Class 8 market, past and future environmental regulations paved the way for electric technology to be necessary. Link’s active engagement with councils and market associations has poised itself to …

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Keeping Drivers Happy

Dec 21, 2021 Kirt Weaver

With the driver shortage at an all-time high, professional truck drivers are in a unique position to be selective on who they drive for, remaining patient until they find a fleet that they feel invests in them. Such factors are contributing to the driver turnover rate that remains above 90% in large fleets and why …

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SmartValve™ Helps Fleets Attract Drivers and Save Fuel

Dec 8, 2021 Eli DeGroff

The patented SmartValve™ was introduced in 2013 as a solution to major fleet challenges of driver recruitment, driver retention and increased insurance costs. Until SmartValve, electronically controlled air suspensions have required several separate components: the electronic control Unit, a valve manifold, an external sensor, and the associated electronics. Link’s SmartValve combines these devices into one …

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