How to Easily Spec an Auxiliary Axle

Sep 13, 2019 Jimmy Winslett

Auxiliary suspensions go by many names. You might refer to them as auxiliary axles, lift axles, or third axles. You might even call them pusher or tag axles, depending on where they’re located on the truck. With so many terms all used to refer to essentially the same product, you can imagine spec’ing an auxiliary …

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Run on Less Showcases Link’s Expertise in Auxiliary Suspension Engineering

Aug 18, 2017 Michael Hof

Have you heard of the Run on Less demonstration? It’s one of the most exciting and important developments in the freight and transportation industry in recent memory. This cross-country roadshow was created to showcase the different technologies used to achieve the best fuel economy possible for Class 8 trucks. Developed by the North American Council …

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NTEA Show Offers the Latest in Work Truck Solutions

Mar 11, 2016 Michael Hof

Indianapolis has been a busy place over the last few weeks. The Big 10 Women’s Basketball tournament was held there, and the NFL combine drew thousands of players, executives and national media members to Lucas Oil Field. Link was in town as well, exhibiting at the annual NTEA Work Truck Show. This allowed us to …

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Spring Will Be Here Soon: What You Need to Know to Help Customers Select the Right Lift Axle

Feb 10, 2016 Tom Perez

Spring is just around the corner, meaning many in the farming, construction and agriculture-related industries are starting to gear up for their busiest time of year. If you’re a dealer or aftermarket distributor, that means it’s your busy season too, and you’re more likely to get questions about selecting the right lift axle now than …

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New Products and New Expectations for Link in 2016

Dec 23, 2015 Jim Huls

As we come to the end of each passing year, I tend to ask myself, “How did we end the year compared to how it began?” In the case of Link Manufacturing, the company has thrived thanks to the commitment to our customers and dedication of our employees who are driven to outperform in all …

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Being Thankful: A Look Back at Link’s 2015 Successes

Nov 25, 2015 Denny Michels

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It not only provides us an opportunity to gather with family and friends, but to also reflect upon everything we have to be thankful for. At Link Manufacturing, this includes great customers and tremendous employees. With this sense of gratitude, we are able to give back. I’m proud …

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