The Air Link Gen 3 is the Ideal Chassis Suspension for Vocational Vehicles

Nov 27, 2019 Joel Van Den Brink

Now that it’s almost December, heavy snow and icy roads aren’t far behind. Municipalities and private fleets with vocational vehicles ranging from refuse trucks and dump trucks to cement mixers and fire trucks, will soon be looking to add chains to their tires to improve traction and safety. In many locations, dump trucks and refuse …

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The Triton Air Suspension is Engineered for the Most Grueling Industries

Aug 30, 2019 Bill Ott

In the world of truck suspensions, there are heavy-duty suspensions and then there are HEAVY-DUTY suspensions. Tipping the scales at a 105K capacity with +/- 4 inches of articulation, our 100% off-highway rated Triton chassis suspension is in a class by itself. It’s only fitting that I’m writing about Triton as we head into Labor …

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Why Choose a Link Air Suspension Over Traditional Rubber Block or Leaf Spring Suspension

Jun 14, 2019 Neil Mardell

If you’re in the market for a new or used heavy vocational vehicle, you know for certain that your truck contributes to your overall productivity and bottom line. You also know the truck will take a lot of abuse, and likely understand that upgrading the chassis suspension can prolong the life of the vehicle and …

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Summer is Construction Season—How Air Link Helps Construction Vehicles Outperform on the Job Site

Aug 16, 2018 Chris English

Summer is the heart of the construction season throughout North America. Dump trucks, cement mixers, cranes and heavy haul trucks are running continuously to meet high demand and tight timelines. This heavier workload puts additional strain on the chassis suspension and can wear out components at a faster rate. Everything from the vehicle’s driver to …

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WasteExpo Attendees Discuss What They Need from a Refuse Truck Suspension

May 9, 2018 Zane McCarthy

I had the pleasure of attending the 2018 WasteExpo conference in Las Vegas at the end of April. With more than 13,000 people in attendance, it was an ideal opportunity to hear firsthand about the key issues facing those in the waste collection business—from grassroots haulers to billion-dollar companies. It was also a chance to …

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The Ride of Your Life: Our New Ambulance Suspension System Features Stability Control with Tuned Shocks

Jan 27, 2016 Chuck Boden

Imagine for a moment the stress ambulance suspensions are under during an emergency response. The patient is likely in pain and the EMTs are trying to administer care while the vehicle is traveling at high speeds and maneuvering to avoid cars and other obstacles. This sometimes requires moving onto the shoulder where the road isn’t …

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A Salute to Firefighters and a Look at Link Fire Truck Suspensions

Oct 14, 2015 Chris English

October is National Fire Prevention Month so we wanted to salute all the firefighters who regularly head toward danger and put others’ safety ahead of their own. Did you know firefighters respond to more than 30 million emergencies in America each year? While the exact nature of the calls range from fires to medical situations, …

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