The Latest on Cat's Eye Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Link engineered the Cat’s Eye tire pressure monitoring system to make knowing whether your dual tires are properly inflated much easier. This system ensures tire pressure is equalized between dual tires, effectively reducing drag and chance for a blowout.

6 Ways Link Is Helping to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Jul 27, 2023 Kirt Weaver

Drivers, Fleet Managers, and Business Owners feel the strain of rising fuel prices that only seem to keep going up. Luckily, even as these prices trend upwards, there are actions drivers and fleets can take to increase their fuel efficiency in today’s market. Many commercial vehicle industry best practices should be adopted such as educating …

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Keeping an Eye on Winter Tire Pressure

Jan 12, 2022 Tom Perez

Twenty-five percent of all dual tire assemblies have tires that differ in pressure by more than 5 PSI. While 5 PSI may not sound like much, a tire that is just 5 PSI lower creates a 5/16” difference in diameter. In a dual tire arrangement, the larger tire will drag the smaller one an estimated …

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Keeping Drivers Happy

Dec 21, 2021 Kirt Weaver

With the driver shortage at an all-time high, professional truck drivers are in a unique position to be selective on who they drive for, remaining patient until they find a fleet that they feel invests in them. Such factors are contributing to the driver turnover rate that remains above 90% in large fleets and why …

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Improve Tire Life And Fuel Efficiency With Cat's Eye

Nov 21, 2017 Jimmy Winslett

Installing the Cat’s Eye tire pressure monitoring system helps improve fuel efficiency and tire life. With an expected ROI of 3-6 months, installing one now can help take pressure off your budget. Designed for any vehicle that runs dual wheel combinations with a 60 PSI rating or higher, the Cat’s Eye not only lets drivers …

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Cat’s Eye Tire Pressure Monitoring System Keeps Drivers Safe

Dec 9, 2015 Tom Perez

Under-inflated tires are estimated to be the number one cause of tire failure, with pieces of blown tires the leading road hazard, causing an estimated 25,000 accidents and 90 deaths per year. With tire pressure being so important to both driver safety and shipping fleets’ bottom lines, a tire pressure monitoring System such as Cat’s …

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