The Latest on Air Link Redline

Selecting The Right Fire Truck Suspension

Apr 18, 2018 Neil Mardell

The Air link is an extremely robust and durable tandem drive suspension that provides excellent load equalization, superior traction and a smooth ride. It merges the load equalization of a walking beam suspension with the ride quality of an air suspension. Air Link minimizes the vibration from a rough ride that leads to cracks, breakages …

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New UltraRide Ambulance Suspension

Jan 27, 2016 Chuck Boden

For the past decade Link’s UltraRide air suspension system has been the leading air suspension system for Type 1 emergency vehicles. Not only does it provide a smooth ride for ambulance occupants, it allows the vehicle to kneel so EMS personnel can load and offload patients, while quickly returning to ride height once the doors …

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