Military Grade Trailer Designed For Extreme Conditions

The MSVS Trailer brings unique mission capabilities to logistic support operations. Capable of hauling 22,000 lbs., the trailer is extremely versatile and can be used to haul 20ft cargo containers, mobile workshops, or communications center. The military grade trailer has been in service with the Canadian Army on its HESV fleet for over two decades with over 300 units in service. Additionally, over 2,000 Link tactical trailer suspensions are in service with the British Army, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, and NASA.

100% Compliant With The Department Of National Defense

This wealth of experience has been incorporated into MSVS Trailer, which combines a state-of-the-art tactical trailer suspension with the best design practices in trailer structures from major tactical and logistical vehicle programs. This combined experience has attributed to a 30-year trailer lifespan and is 100% compliant with the Department of National Defense.

Ease of use was another chief consideration of the MSVS trailer design. With the MSVS trailer cargo can be easily loaded, maneuvered into confined spaces and maintained over on-and-off highway terrain. The trailer also has add-on features such as robust storage boxes and two spare tire configurations for added transport capabilities.


  • A rendering of the MSVS trailer featuring its high strength steel frame

    High Strength Steel Frame

    The trailer's ridged frame is engineered with high grade steel with low temperature resistance. The trailer has a 30-year life span and is 100% compliant with the DND.

  • A rendering of the MSVS trailer featuring the walking beams with skid shoes

    Walking Beams With Skid Shoes

    The trailer's walking beams and skid shoes support the laden weight of the trailer. Additionally, the skid shoes protect the trailer's brake system from hazardous terrain and debris.

  • A rendering of the MSVS trailer featuring the air springs

    Mission Capable Air Springs

    The trailer's air springs contain an internal rubber jounce stop, which will support the trailer during airless operation with less than two inches in drop. This feature allows the tailer to be mission capable and avoid immobilization.

  • A rendering of the MSVS trailer featuring engineered vertical rolling bolsters

    Engineered Vertical Rolling Bolsters

    The trailer incorporates vertical rolling bolsters that permit fast loading by a truck without the need for additional equipment, eliminates wear and ensures smooth operation of the bolsters.

  • A rendering of the MSVS Trailer featuring the accessible spare trailer tire

    Accessible Spare Trailer Tire

    The spare tire can be lowered from either side of the trailer for easy recovery in adverse terrain. Two soldiers are able to change a wheel and tire assembly in less than 20 minutes using only equipment provided with the trailer.

  • A rendering of the MSVS trailer featuring the retractable landing legs & adjustable bumper

    Retractable Landing Legs & Adjustable Bumper

    The bumper and landing legs retract within the trailer envelope to eliminate the chance for damage. The landing legs raise and lower quickly for mobility.


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