Air Link® TD

The Air Link® TD Suspension is a unique combination of air spring and walking beam technology, delivering everything you demand in a heavy duty tandem drive suspension — high roll stability, low maintenance and a smooth ride. Available on Mack® Granite™ and TerraPro™;  International® WorkStar™; and Volvo® VHD

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SWB Tandem Steer

The SWB (Spring Walking Beam) tandem steer suspension provides the added carrying capacity required in today’s heavy trucking industry. The suspension is dynamically load equalizing to ensure proper weight distribution and durability by minimizing possible overload scenarios. Specifically designed to reduce maintenance costs. The construction blends the rugged durability and weight distribution of a walking beam with the simplicity of a spring suspension.

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UltraRide® has long been the chassis air suspension system of choice for manufacturers seeking to improve the ride and handling of light and medium duty work trucks, buses, emergency service vehicles and recreational vehicles. UltraRide is a total conversion suspension that replaces a standard leaf spring suspension system providing increased operator and passenger comfort and ease of access. Contact a product specialist to find out more.

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The Atlas™ Drive Suspension provides up to 35,000 lbs. of carrying capacity without sacrificing performance. The Atlas suspension is uniquely designed from the beginning for the requirements of fire and rescue market across North America. Link understands that your trucks are being driven at high speeds, required to go off road, need to make tight corners and are constantly being driven through treacherous city streets. Atlas is designed from the ground up for the demanding life of fire and rescue vehicles.

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