Self-Steer Suspensions

Now available in 8K, 10K, and 13.5K capacities, we have completely redesigned our family of self-steer auxiliary suspensions. A 20K model will be unveiled later in 2018. Featuring Swift Mount Technology, Link’s self-steer auxiliary suspensions use patented interchangeable right height brackets and integrated air kits to reduce installation time by three to five hours. Find out more below, or contact one of our sales reps.

Product Details

Non-Steer Suspensions

Our Non-Steer lift axle is available in 13K, 17K and 20K capacities. The unique design allows 11’’ to 15’’ of ride height and 15’’ of travel, making it outstanding for tag position applications encountering uneven terrain. The direct arm to axle connection increases stability and reduces maintenance. Find out more below, or contact one of our sales reps.

Product Details