Automated Vehicle Leveling System

Link’s air ride leveling system fits most class 1 through 6 applications. It works well with specialty applications such as delivery box trucks, ambulance and rescue vehicles, transit buses, limos and recreational vehicles. The leveling system is electronically controlled, allowing for easy ride height adjustment on an air suspension. Drivers can raise and lower the system within minutes for loading and unloading. Self-leveling features automatically return the suspension to standard ride height. For easy maintenance, a tilt feature is included.

The system can be equipped with a VAIAIR, GAST, AMK or THOMAS compressor (Rated for 2500 hours). The engineered electronic height control system can be equipped with a single or dual AMK Compressor or a 2 Stage AMK. With a standard integrated air dryer and four angle sensors, the system will function at peak performance in all conditions. Each system is outfitted with either a 24, 37, or 72 pin ECU with dual 3D accelerometers. Also, standard is a diagnostic monitoring LED indicator with USB connection, making system diagnostics simple. The complete system allows drivers to have a complete understanding of the status of the system along with complete control at one location.

High quality sensors and reliable components makes Link’s electronic air ride leveling system the most dependable on the market.

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