Automated System with Self-Leveling Capabilities

Link’s 4 Way air management system fits most class 1 through 6 recreational and specialty vehicles. The engineered electronic height control system can be equipped with a single or dual AMK Compressor or a 2 Stage AMK. With a standard integrated air dryer and four angle sensors, the system will function at peak performance in all conditions.

Each system is outfitted with a 72 pin ECU with dual 3D accelerometers combined with Bluetooth Connectivity. Also standard is a diagnostic monitoring LED indicator and a touch screen with USB connection, making system diagnostics simple. The complete system allows drivers to have a complete understanding of the status of the system along with complete control at one location.

The 4 Way System allows for multiple ride heights with self-leveling capabilities. Drivers can raise and lower the system every 5-10 times per day for loading and unloading. For easy maintenance, a tilt feature is included. High quality materials and construction make this system the most reliable and durable electronic leveling system for recreational and specialty vehicles.