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U.S. Patents DuraLift® Suspension DuraMax Suspension UltraRide® Cabmate® Air Link® TD Air Link® SWB Tandem Steer Atlas, Trident Suspensions CMP Deck CMP Ramp CMP Cot Post Tip Tag Axle System Easy Slider
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9,358,854 X
9,340,242 X
9,315,222 X
8,328,210 X
7,234,713 X
7,216,925 X
7,175,165 X
7,017,941 X X
7,014,237 X
6,962,360 X
6,932,401 X
6,834,873 X
6,758,648 X
6,311,993 X X
6,241,452 X
5,933,889 X
Canadian Patents
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