Link’s new 42-inch folding aluminum ramp is just the right width to accommodate dollies, hand trucks and more, while still leaving room for cargo access when vertically stowed inside the vehicle.

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa, USA (Feb. 1, 2021) — Link Mfg., Ltd., the leading U.S. manufacturer of lightweight, folding aluminum ramps, announced the introduction of its versatile new LB20-42-108SA spring-assist ramp today. The new 42-inch-wide ramp fits neatly between the company’s current 36- and 47-inch offerings, giving users more ramp width, without blocking door access when mounted to one side and folded to its upright, storage position.

LB20 Aluminum bifold mounted ramp unfolded and deployed from cargo van
“Our new 42-inch-wide ramp is perfect for fleets and vehicles serving the last-mile delivery segment, that don’t have to deploy ramps at every stop, because it leaves enough room for door entrance and egress without being unfolded,” said Lynn Blake, national account manager of Cargo Management Products for Link Manufacturing. “When deployed, the ramp has ample width to meet the needs of a variety of cargo conveyance devices, and we’ve had customers use everything from hand-operated dollies to semi-autonomous military robots on our ramps.”
LB20 Aluminum bifold mounted ramp unfolded and deployed

The 42-inch-wide, 108-inch-long folding aluminum ramp features a robust steel deck mounting plate and has a capacity rating of 1,250 pounds. The ramp can be used on vehicles with deck heights ranging from 20 to 48 inches and door heights exceeding a minimum of 60 inches.

Link’s new LB20-42-108SA ramp is particularly well suited for cargo vans. It fits Ford Transit cargo vans with medium and high roof configurations, and NISSAN NV, Dodge Ram ProMaster and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo vans with high roof configurations.

The new ramp comes standard with Link’s unique spring assist and wheel kit. The spring-assist makes deploying and retracting the ramp simple and easy, requiring only about 50 pounds of force to be exerted for either operation. The ramps wheel kit helps transition the ramp more smoothly when deploying it on a wide variety of surface angles and materials.

“All Link folding ramps are so easy and simple to use, even novice workers can be up and running in no time,” Blake said. “They’re also lightning-fast to operate and can be unfolded and folded back into their vertical, low-profile storage position in less than 10 seconds.”

By stowing vertically inside the vehicle’s cargo hold, the ramps are not exposed to the weather or road debris, and remain clean and dry prior to use. After use, and once in its vertical position again, any moisture or residue left on the ramp can be easily brushed or wiped away.

LB20 42” x 108” aluminum bifold mounted ramp folded in upright position inside cargo van partially concealed by back door
“When in its upright and closed position, the ramps take up less than 12 inches of horizontal space in the area just inside the door, that is generally unusable anyway,” Blake said. “Also, unlike liftgates that are slow and laborious to deploy, a Link ramp can be opened and in use within seconds, and can be stowed just as quickly.”

Link Manufacturing has been producing aluminum ramps in North America for more than two decades and specializes in manufacturing ramps for light and medium duty vehicles with a floor height of 48 inches or less for Class 2 through Class 7 vehicles. The ramps are engineered to serve a variety of vehicle types, including cargo vans, step vans, cutaway vans, box trucks, and straight trucks. Link’s wide variety of ramp sizes accommodates cargo ranging from parcel delivery to heavy equipment. Link has nine standard mounted, swivel and portable ramp designs to meet a wide variety of applications with weight capacities ranging from 350 to 1,500 pounds, and Link also offers custom engineering services for unique applications.

Link’s swivel ramp has 180-degree rotation capabilities and two storage locations, offering users flexibility for loading and unloading any cargo. Link’s Swivel Ramp mounts in the rear stored position like a traditional folding ramp, but can also be stored inside, behind the wheel well, providing options for those times when a loading ramp isn’t needed.

Link's portable aluminum ramps are available for both lightweight and heavy-duty applications, featuring either folding or straight designs. The extensive range of portable ramps provides users with safe, durable and economical solutions for their cargo loading and handling needs.

LB20 Aluminum bifold mounted ramp unfolded and deployed from cargo van
“Their ease-of-use makes Link ramps perfect for older and female personnel who continue to make up more and more of the nation’s workforce,” Blake said. “Their lightweight, engineered aluminum construction makes them structurally sturdy, but easy to handle.”

Link ramps are available in the form of an aftermarket kit. The aftermarket kits are now available and can be ordered through Link’s nationwide network of ramp dealers. For more information on Link Ramps or to find a dealer, please call (800)222-6283 or visit:

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