Customer Focus

Our Midwestern roots and work ethic has resulted in an unwavering focus on customer service in everything we do. It’s our passion – and it’s what differentiates us from our competition. Our integrity is our pledge to the customer and is highlighted in our tag line: driven to outperform™.  And, we not only say it, but we live it every day.

Personal Attention

Link® lives by the ethic that if you have a question or a problem, you should be able to talk with a real human instead of a machine. Our brand of customer service means you’ll never have to navigate through a frustrating answering system to get the help you need.

Response Times

Link’s commitment to higher manufacturing efficiency allows us to meet your production and inventory demands – on time. Customer Service means we pride ourselves in fulfilling customer orders with an industry leading on-time delivery rate that exceeds 99.5%.

Expert Staff

Link® has dedicated OEM, Aftermarket and Specialty Sales Personnel. We understand the challenges unique to each customer and are committed to quality and customer service before and after the sale.

The key benefit of the Air Link® is that if you get into a situation where you have enough load on the air bag to flatten, you still have enough suspension in the walking beam. The walking beam still does the function of load equalization, and the air bag provides the cushion for a superior ride.

A. Haman

Project Engineer

Link-Belt Construction Equipment

As a vendor, Link® rates a 10 out of 10. Their outstanding product quality and technical support offer the best value for our customers. The Link UltraRide® provides the superior ride and handling that our customers expect when ordering a Grech Motors Bus.

E. Grech


Grech Motors