Optimal Weight Distribution is Easy

Unlike a sliding fifth wheel, which only shifts weight down from the drive axles to the steering axle, Easy Slider® shifts the weight from the drive axles to the trailer axles and vice-versa. Now you can eliminate the limitations of a sliding fifth wheel, the inflexibility of a fixed kingpin setup and the high maintenance of a sliding upper plate system with Easy Slider®

Features & Benefits

  • Shifts axle weight and changes overall unit length – allowing driver to conform to local laws.
  • Can be coupled with any tractor/trailer or trailer/trailer unit together.
  • 8” kingpin position increments allows quick and easy adjustment – fully loaded or empty
  • Superior off road traction – shifts the weight from trailer axles directly over the drive axle.
  • Allows for tighter turn radius in urban settings
  • Minimizes distance between tractor and trailer, improving aerodynamics.


  • Inter-Modal Chassis & Vans – Use Easy Slider® to shift unevenly loaded cargo weight from the drive axles to the trailer axles and vice versa.
  • Low Bed & Jeep Combinations – Eliminate the drop-down pin and provide much needed weight shift capability without unloading the trailer, disconnecting the fifth wheel or moving the load.
  • Grain & Livestock Trailers – Quickly change your overall length to comply with the Federal Bridge Span Formula, state and provincial regulations. Carry up to 5,000 lb (2,268kg) more payload between the US and Canada.
  • Super B Train Doublers – Using a second Easy Slider® on the pup allows weight shift between the middle tri-axles and rear tandems. Carry up to 5,000 lb (2,268kg) more payload between the US and Canada.

Easy Slider - Sliding Kingpin animation


How does the Easy Slider™ get installed into the trailer?
The Easy Slider™ system is typically installed during the fabrication of the trailer. The units are sold assembled with the requested bolster plate providing the platform for everything else. This assembly is then welded in place in the neck of the trailer. Other options are available.

Can I retrofit a used trailer to accommodate an Easy Slider™?
It is possible to retrofit an Easy Slider™ into an existing trailer. Link can work with you and the trailer manufacturer to design a system that suits your needs and integrates properly into the existing trailer.

What length of kingpin slide is available with the Easy Slider™?
Typical kingpin travel is between 32″ and 80″ with lengths in between available in 8″ increments.

What type of maintenance is needed with the Easy Slider™ system?
The Easy Slider™ has very few moving parts and is therefore easy to maintain. Regular visual inspections are required to catch any wear or excessive play that might affect normal operation. The lock pin also requires regular greasing to ensure that the pin continues to activate smoothly and effectively.

What parts wear on an Easy Slider™?
Typically, the life expectancy of any Easy Slider components last as long as a normal fifth wheel. The most common component wear is found in the drop pin and king pin assembly on the Easy Slider™. However, with proper maintenance, this should last for a number of years before needing any attention.

What types of trailers can accommodate an Easy Slider™?
The Easy Slider™ is a perfect candidate for any trailer which has the clearances required to fit the slider within the frame of the trailer.

Where can I get parts for an Easy Slider™ installation on a trailer?
Replacement parts are typically available through the trailer manufacturer when the trailer is bought with the Easy Slider™ system. Link can be contacted directly to get any required parts in all cases.

What type of warranty is available for an Easy Slider™?
Link provides a full one year coverage on all Easy Slider™ parts.

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