Premium Emergency Vehicle Suspension

The Air Link® Tandem Drive Suspension is a unique combination of air and walking beam technology. It delivers everything you demand in an emergency vehicle suspension — high roll stability, low maintenance and a smooth ride. The unique design also ensures maximum traction and load equalization. The distinctive Air Link® design provides optimum ride height and premium on or off highway performance.

Air Link’s walking beam provides improved traction and load equalization, key aspects for pumpers and aerial applications. Municipalities can distinctively see how an air ride suspension can attribute a clear reduction in costs associated with equipment wear, tire life, bushing life and reduce downtime when compared to a rubber block suspension. Fire fighters will always be action ready with the suspension fully functional even if air-loss occurs.

Air Link was first used in fire truck applications in 1999 to help remedy ladder breakage for major OEM fire apparatus trucks. Today, Air Link is available for most fire truck manufacturers with tandem drive configurations. Air Link is available in capacities ranging from 52,000 lbs to 65,000 lbs.


  • Web Air Link Bracket

    Mounting Bracket System

    The mounting is flexible with engineered variants to be bolted to C-Channel frame rails or welded to box frame designs. For bolt on suspensions, the pattern and size of bolts can be adjusted to suit OEM grid patterns and preferred hardware.

  • Web Air Link Walking Beams

    Rugged Walking Beams

    The rugged beam construction evenly distributes the load for maximum traction and maintained alignment. The walking beams are designed without bearings and seals for minimal maintenance and wear points.

  • Web Air Link Air Bags

    High Volume Walking Beams

    High volume air springs offer low natural frequency for optimum ride qualities. An internal rubber jounce stop supports the vehicle during airless operation and allows the truck to be mission capable as if it was a rubber block suspension.

  • Air Link HCV

    Dual Height Control Valves

    Dual height control valves maintain optimum vehicle ride height independent of load. Both control valves level the vehicle side-to-side. Each valve controls one side of the suspension to reduce lean with uneven cargo.

  • Web Air Link Shock Absorber

    Shock Absorbers

    Each set of shock absorbers are tuned for optimal ride characteristics, enabling the best ride possible, regardless of road conditions. Shock absorbers dampen the suspension over uneven terrain to enhance driver comfort.

  • Web Air Link Bushing

    Polyurethane Bushings

    Polyurethane bushings provide longer service life and minimal maintenance. Polyurethane does not require grease and the bar pin end bushing shims allow for alignment.

  • Web Air Link Axles

    Axle Compatiability

    Compatible with most common drive axles including Dana, Meritor, and others. The suspension comes with a variety of axle connections including bar pin, through-pin, and alignment bushings.

  • Web Air Link 100

    100% Off-Highway Rating

    Air Link suits a variety of fire and rescue applications. The unique combination of air over walking beam design delivers high stability and vertical stiffness to create a stable on or off-highway suspension.

  • FAMA Logo 2x2

    Member of FAMA

    Link is a certified member in good standing with the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers' Association. We meet all the membership qualifications through 2020.


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