Link combines collaborative engineering with the hallmarks of world class manufacturing: innovation, product and process control, and continuous improvement. Our reliable and durable suspensions and truck components for vocational, conventional and custom vehicle applications outperform on all measures.

Manufacturing Technology

We incorporate new technology improvements to integrate seamlessly with your truck platforms for better performance. This includes single and dual head Motoman robotic welding systems, electrostatic powder coating systems, CNC controlled precision press brakes, vertical and horizontal machining, and CNC lathe. We fully embrace lean manufacturing using multiple high-tech automated CO2 lasers, a Bystronic Fiber laser and flexible continuous flow assembly, logistics centers, and other principles to ensure excellence.

Contract & Military Manufacturing

We offer our contract manufacturing customers the ability to meet the unique needs for highly engineered, critical components for conventional, custom and military vehicle applications. Our engineering, design, suspension manufacturing and logistic teams collaborate with customers to bring precision into the project according to the product specifications. Overseeing each step of the fabrication process, our qualified staff and engineers work diligently to meet the high demands of each customer.

Focus On Quality

Our commitment to investing in quality and efficiency has led us to achieve IATF 16949:2016 quality certification. We fabricate and thoroughly test components to exceed rigorous OEM manufacturing standards. This attention to quality allows us to consistently achieve defective rates of less than 300 PPM. Our facility includes fatigue testing equipment; MTS component testing, MTS suspension performance testing, pull-apart testing, height control valve testing, and National Instruments data acquisitions equipment.