Designed For Maximum Off-Highway Performance

Link’s TR50-HDT Suspension is specifically engineered for off-highway trailer applications. The suspension is rated up to a 50K capacity with several axle configurations to fit hauling requirements. Haul trucks own the material moving industry, but they’re expensive, need hard surface-maintained roads, and are not suited for distance hauling. Whether you’re taking off overburden, transporting waste, or need to move large material from remote sites to a central processing plant, Link has the trailer suspension for you.

The TR50-HDT trailer suspension was designed to reduce axle and trailer stress, overall weight, and maintenance. The end result is you’ll get maximum performance in the most challenging environments. The 50k capacity rating allows trailer manufacturers to attain a full 150K capacity with a tri-axle configurations. TR50-HDT also provides the highest capacity and range of articulation offered in the air suspension market.

The TR50-HDT suspension was originally designed for tri-axle trailer used in mining and quarry applications. The suspension can also be configured for Super B or two axle configurations if necessary. Because of the wide variations of applications the suspension has been engineered to be customized upon request, but the standard model is designed with a 92.8" axle track. Furthermore, the suspension uses 18" x 7" drum brakes with 14R 25" wheel ends for heavy haul applications.


  • TR50 Features 001

    Fabricated Frame Brackets

    The suspension is designed for a 17" ride height with +/- 4" of travel, but additional ride heights are available upon request. The maximum axle spread is 60" at a 50K capacity.

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    Solid Heavy-Duty Trailer Axle

    For superior durability and low maintenance each suspension is fully integrated with a 6" solid round KGI axle. The 92.8" axle track utilizes 14R 25" wheel ends and 18" drum brakes.

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    Reduce Axle & Trailer Stress

    The TR50-HDT reduces axle and trailer stress with high volume air springs and heavy-duty ride shocks. Additional shocks can be added to aid in dampening the suspension over off-highway conditions.

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    150K Tri-Axle Configuration

    The TR50-HDT is engineered as a 150 tri-axle configuration for off-highway mining trailers. The axle configuration is designed to operate up to 65 km over uneven terrain.



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