TR50 Heavy Haul

TR50 Heavy Haul is designed for specific applications where off-highway requirements are demanded, ensuring maximum performance in the most challenging environments. The 50k capacity rating allows trailer manufacturers to attain a full 150k capacity with three axle configurations.


Easy Slider

The Easy Slider® allows drivers to adjust the trailer kingpin position on a fully loaded, connected trailer without having to disconnect the kingpin from the fifth wheel. By varying the overall length of the tractor/trailer unit, the axle weight distribution can be optimized to meet legal requirements, enhance maneuverability and improve aerodynamics.

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Cat’s Eye®

Cat’s Eye is the most convenient Tire Pressure Monitoring System to ensure tire pressure is equalized between the duals – reducing drag and the chance for a blow out. With just a glance, the Cat’s Eye TPMS makes it easy to see if your dual tires are underinflated. With ROI of 3-6 months, Cat’s Eye is the clear choice for safety and improved MPG.

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