The SWB (Spring Walking Beam Tandem Steer Suspension) is new to the market, but is built on proven technologies. The design is a hybrid that blends the rugged durability and weight distribution of our premium Air Link® walking beam with the simplicity of a spring suspension. This combination gives you improved ride quality along with reduced maintenance costs as compared to a traditional four spring configuration. And, the straightforward design allows reduced installation time. So you get a better performing suspension at a comparable cost to a basic four spring.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The SWB is designed with a focus on reducing maintenance issues. This starts with improved alignment. Worn spring pins are the primary cause of misalignment. The SWB reduces the number of wear points from ten in a a traditional four-spring, to just two. In addition, the walking beam ensures better load equalization to support the alignment. The results are: Less Tire Wear, Less Downtime, Lower Overall Operating Costs

Improved Ride Quality

Drivers will appreciate the improved, smoother ride the SWB offers when compared to a four-spring. Isolation of the chassis from the road forces translates into less wear and tear on the vehicle itself.

Lighter Weight

The SWB weighs approximately 1755 lbs. This translates into a 10%-20% weight reduction from typical OEM four-spring suspension applications.


  • SWB Standard

    SWB Standard

    Suitable for any tandem steer suspension application up to 40,000 lb in capacity.


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