For the Most Extreme Hauling Conditions

The Triton chassis suspension is designed to be used in tri-drive configurations. The suspension was designed specifically for the demanding life of off-highway conditions with an industry leading 105K carrying capacity. The Triton suspension is engineered for 100% off-highway use with +/- 4 inches of vertical articulation.

Triton is ideally suited for vehicles that operate in extreme heavy haul conditions, such as logging, tanker, end dump and military applications. The suspension design is able to fully integrate with Meritor P600 and Sisu axle models. The suspension design can be altered to adapt to most OEM heavy duty truck chassis, giving the ability to broaden its product offerings and target markets.

The Triton suspension is engineered for traditional OEM production line installation. Approved for a wide variety of applications the Triton has the ability to match the demands of your most challenging off-highway situations.


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    Trailing Beam Performance

    The trailing beam is fabricated of high strength steel to optimize strength to weight ration of the design. The trailing beam hanger bolts to the frame and cross member to ensure a secure and durable connection.

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    Dual Height Control Valves

    The suspension is configured to maintain designed ride height regardless of loading. Dual height control valves easily handle uneven load distributions.

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    No Lubrication Necessary

    Designed with Polyurethane bushings at main suspension connections for reduced maintenance, increased durability, and eliminate lubrication requirements.

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    Smooth Ride Characteristics

    High volume air springs and tuned shock absorbers offer low natural frequencies, which enhances the ride quality of the suspension both laden and unladen.

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    Improve Vehicle Roll Stability

    The trailing beams are interconnected by a cross tube to create stability needed for travel over uneven terrain. The cross tube transfers the load to maintain suspension balance.

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    Excellent Articulation

    The geometry of the trailing beams with high mounted air springs and an under slung trailing beam enable +/- 4" of axle articulation for off-highway performance.

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    Control Rods With Each Axle

    Equipped with both longitudinal and lateral control rods at each axle to ensure proper axle tracking and alignment. The longitudinal rods create a parallelogram with the trailing beams to give stable pinion angles through articulation range.

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    100% Off-Highway Rating

    Approved for a variety of heavy-duty applications and the suspension is fully integrated with Meritor P600 and Sisu axles. The unique design delivers high stability and vertical stiffness to create a stable and predictable handling.


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