The Link® Atlas™ Drive Suspension provides up to 35,000 lbs. of carrying capacity without sacrificing performance.

The Atlas™ has a combined system, consisting of the suspension, crossmember, and axle control rods, all engineered to work in harmony with the chassis. With the dual height-control valves and air springs with integrated jounce bumpers, the Atlas offers the safest, smoothest ride available.

But comfort doesn’t come as a compromise to durability. This unique design of Atlas™ provides the carrying power and roll stability of a traditional steel spring suspension, without the bone jarring ride – the ideal solution for both aerials and pumpers. Now you have the ability to match the demands of the most challenging emergency situations and not be left unprepared.

  • Durable Trailing Beams – Evenly distributes the load in order to provide less overload, maximum articulation, and better traction.
  • Dual Height Control Valves – Maintain optimum ride height independent of load; levels vehicle side-to-side delivering high roll stability.
  • Polyurethane Bushings – Provide longer service life and no maintenance; reducing downtime when compared to rubber block suspension.
  • Air Springs – Offers smooth ride loaded or empty; providing driver comfort and less fatigue.
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost -Lengthen tire life and reduce equipment damage.
  • 35,000 LBS Configuration – Key aspect for pumper and aerial applications to help remedy ladder breakage and a bone-jarring ride.


  • Atlas™ FIRE

    Atlas™ FIRE

    Capacity: 33,500-35,000 Lbs
    Ride Height: 10.5″ Standard
    Weight: 700 Lbs
    Applications: Approved for 100% Off-Road use
    Axle Specs: Available for Dana or Meritor axles


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