Link’s spring suspension is engineered to use common spring pins and wear parts for simple inspection, maintenance and replacement. The straightforward design reduces installation time as well as prevenative maintenance. Polyurethane bushings add a longer service life as well as optimal alignment. 

Overall, you get a better performing suspension at a cost comparable to a conventional leaf spring twin steer. Our technology is standard on many major North American cranes, and is available for heavy truck applications as well.


  • Improved Wheel Alignment – Five points of adjustment lock in wheel alignment to help simplify maintenance and extend service life.
  • Durable Walking Beams – The rugged box construction distributes the load evenly for maximum traction and help maintain alignment.
  • Only Two Grease Points – With only two grease points, as opposed to the typical 10, maintenance time is greatly reduced.
  • Improved Ride Quality – Isolation of the chassis from road forces translates into less wear and tear on the driver and vehicle.
  • Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers – Industry-leading air springs are tuned for the optimal ride.

  • SWB Tandem Steer

    SWB Tandem Steer

    • Up to 40,000lb. per tandem axle grouping load carrying capacity


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