Compact Air Leveling System

The TL System is a tankless suspension control operation for light duty applications. This low-cost, compact automatic air suspension leveling system maintains ride height and provides raising and lowering capabilities for vehicles without an air source. The preassembled air compressor and dryer module includes an angle sensor and fused harness, operating without a necessary connection to an external air reservoir. Digital road filtering helps to achieve maximum compressor life, while digital monitoring protects the compressor by limiting the maximum run time and duty cycle.

The TL System has a fast and easy installation, with preassembled and tested components. It allows a driver to raise and lower the rear of the vehicle for ease of loading, unloading and trailer hookup. While in transit, the system maintains a precise drive line angle within 1/16th from spec. The TL System has a proven decreased air consumption when compared to the mechanical alternative.