Better Customer Service Through a New Website

Whether you realized it or not, you’re reading this post on the new Link website. When we started the redesign, our goals were: to provide additional content so we could better engage with you, our customers; and to use responsive design so we can communicate better on mobile devices. Hopefully we’ve added some features, benefits, information and functionality (like a blog, for instance) that make this a better overall experience than our previous site.

However, if any of you have ever gone through this effort, you know it can be an arduous process. The objectives (as well as the timeline) you set when you initiate the project often shift – sometimes slightly, sometimes dramatically – based on customer input, management input, technical limitations, competing priorities, etc, etc. And once launched, undoubtedly, some of your customers may see the changes as a bit frustrating – forcing them to get used to a new layout, learn new navigation and update their bookmarks…”Aargh! I just want my ordering codes!!!”

We’ve had a lot of feedback on the new site. We continue to discuss how we implement the suggestions from our customers. At Link, we take customer service very personally. You can read our story and see how it plays a part in every aspect of our business. It’s even a core tenet of our tagline, Your Trust…Our Passion. So how does a company stay focused on the objectives of something like a website redesign, while still meeting the expectations of our customers? By using the same approach we always use when interacting with customers… following the Service LINK.

L: Listen. It’s the key to every successful customer interaction. We need to listen to fully understand the issue. And we start by making sure you can talk with a real human being if you have a problem.

I: Include the customer in the resolution. We want to have an ongoing conversation with our customers, and that means hearing your suggestions and working toward a mutually beneficial outcome.

N: Navigate the customer through the resolution and communicate how we will provide service. Whether it’s 99.5% on-time delivery, 5-day lead times or a tweak to the new website. Make sure the expectations are clear…then deliver!

K: Know that great customer service is the foundation that we stand on, and it permeates everything we do. We look for ways to exceed expectations in every customer interaction.

We understand there are still website improvements that can be made, so we’re listening and open to feedback. Like Jon Phillips, a UX and Usability expert said, “Sometimes the simplest tweaks can yield huge results… There is always room for improvement. Always be on the lookout for simple and inexpensive things you can do to provide a better user experience.” And always be on the lookout for simple things you can do to provide better customer service.


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