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105K Triton Suspension For Off-Highway Vehicles

Posted Friday, August 30, 2019 by Bill Ott in Product Insight
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In the world of truck suspensions, there are heavy-duty suspensions and then there are HEAVY-DUTY suspensions. Tipping the scales at a 105K capacity with +/- 4 inches of articulation, our 100% off-highway rated Triton chassis suspension is in a class by itself. It’s only fitting that I’m writing about Triton as we head into Labor Day, as it’s engineered for workers and vehicles operating in some of the toughest industries such as logging, mining, heavy haul, tankers, end dump trailers and defense. It was designed to provide workers with a more comfortable ride while increasing their productivity by allowing them to maintain their speeds on off-highway terrain with a full or empty load.

High Capacity and Articulation Sets the Triton Apart

Our Triton chassis suspension is unlike anything else on the market and is another example of Link’s ability to collaboratively engineer solutions to overcome unique challenges. Built to fit Meritor’s P600™ planetary hub axle, the Triton is actually a multi-axle configuration, starting as a 35K single drive, which can be increased to a 70K dual drive, or fully upgraded to a 105K tri-drive configuration. It’s the only air suspension we’re aware of that’s capable of providing a 35K capacity with +/- 4 inches of articulation, which is extremely important when driving over roots, ruts, rocks, and other kinds of uneven terrain.

During its design phase we put it though a torture test in our Advanced Technology Center. Using a six-axis testing system, we really hit it hard testing vertical loads, lateral loads, longitudinal loads, as well as drive and braking torques. We also tested it up to twice its rating and the Triton passed with flying colors.

Enhance Driver Comfort and Productivity

Unlike a mechanical suspension, the Triton provides a smooth ride whether the vehicle is fully loaded or empty. This is crucial when traveling over off-highway conditions. For example, a logging truck equipped with a mechanical suspension will handle fine when running down a logging or mining road – provided the load is full. On the return trip the driver will need to reduce his or her speed significantly to avoid the beating a mechanical suspension provides. With Triton, that same driver can increase their speed on the return trip, which gives them the potential to haul one or two extra loads a day. Another critical aspect of the Triton suspension is it includes an internal jounce stopper within each air bag which can support the vehicle should air loss occur or if the air bag gets punctured.

Other features of the Triton that make it ideal for off-highway vehicles and applications include:

  • Its shock absorbers dampen the suspension over uneven terrain to enhance driver comfort.
  • The height control valves maintain design ride height regardless of loading.
  • Dual height control valves are used to control the loading of each side of the suspension separately to prevent lean from uneven load distribution.
  • The captive cylindrical tube between trailing beams increases roll stability.
  • Polyurethane bushings offer reduced maintenance and increased durability.

We’re extremely proud of our Triton suspension and the positive feedback it’s getting in the field. We are also excited about its future. Rather than stretching a 20K axle beyond its intended capabilities as others have done, Triton was engineered from the very beginning to achieve a 35K capacity. We still have some capacity left in its design and we plan on doing more projects in the future.

If you need a heavy-duty air suspension, be sure to spec the Triton on your next vehicle purchase. It is also possible to install the Triton on an existing vehicle, although we recommend contacting our Nisku office 888.472.9326 ext222 or to have them give you detailed instructions.

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Bill Ott - Retired VP of Engineering