Honoring our Veterans Who Serve on the Frontlines and America’s Production Lines

Posted Wednesday, November 11, 2015 by Don Van Den Top in Insights
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Today is a very important day at Link Manufacturing and across the country: Veterans Day. If you haven’t stopped yet to thank a veteran, or taken a moment to reflect upon their sacrifice and the freedoms they provide, I hope you will.

Veterans Day hits close to home for many of us. My father was a Staff Sergeant in WWII and was wounded in combat, leaving him hospitalized for more than 12 months. Watching as he carried the effects of his injuries throughout his life left a deep and lasting impression on me. Like many, he was stoic and reserved about his service and didn’t expect thanks or recognition for doing his job. It’s that type of humility and sacrifice that makes it even more important to recognize our veterans.

Last year we had the honor of hosting a group of senior executives from the American Legion. As they toured our facilities they made sure to seek out and personally thank each of our employees who served or are currently serving. It was very rewarding to host these gentlemen and witness their commitment to our country’s veterans. This year our leadership team will again be recognizing all of our employees with military service.

Iowa Seeks to Be The State of Choice for Veterans

It’s also encouraging to see a growing movement in America to emphasize the importance of hiring veterans. We are fortunate here in Iowa to have an innovative program called Home Base Iowa. It’s designed to make Iowa a welcoming place for veterans to call home by connecting them with employers and providing important benefits such as housing assistance and full income tax exemptions on military pensions, among others. Another important feature is that it allows private employers, such as Link, to give preference in hiring to veterans. Link is a Home Base Iowa business and is pleased to participate in the program. As someone involved in human resources, I can testify to the quality of our nation’s veterans bring as employees. I see first-hand the level of discipline and commitment those with military experience embody, not to mention the important skills many gain during their service.

It’s also important to mention Link has a growing relationship with various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, providing specialty trailers and tactical equipment to help our military members perform their duties. We’re extremely proud of this work and expect to see these partnerships grow in the coming years.

Before Veterans Day is over, be sure to recognize someone you know who has served our country. Buy them a cup of coffee, thank them on Facebook, or simply shake their hand and tell them you appreciate their willingness to put their life on the line for all the freedoms we enjoy.

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